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Best 9 of 2021 from Natural Yachts

Aktualisiert: 18. Jan. 2022

What a year it has been. Before we start 2022 we want to look back and share some of our highlights with you. Despite these challenging times we are incredibly thankful and proud.

Best 9 of 2021 from Natural Yachts

Picture 1: Maxus Evo 24 100% Electric Next to the 100% electric motor yachts we have implemented a 100% electric propulsion system in the Maxus Evo 24 sailing boat. A sailing boat is perfectly suited for electric boating as you can experience the continuous sailing experience due to silent and clean boating. We offer different electric solutions matching various boating profiles.

Picture 2: Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop Electric & Solar Powered This year we have added the Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop to our charter fleet. This is a spacious and sporty 4 persons motorboat featuring all the facilities you need for a comfortable boating holiday. We have implemented a long range battery pack of 31,5 kWh with this the Nexus Revo 870 provides a range of 6-12 hours of boating without recharging. To extend the range we have equipped the hardtop with solar panels. On a sunny day the solar panels will cover the energy needed for all the hotel facilities. Meaning when you are anchoring you can use the induction hob, lights, hot water, charge your devices etc while the battery pack will have the same energy level.

Picture 3: Maxus 22 delivery to Hoora Watersport Heeg Are you looking to charter a sportive sailing boat next season? That’s possible as we have delivered 3 light grey Maxus 22’s to Hoora Watersport in Heeg. The Maxus 22 is the perfect sailing boat if you do not have too much experience with sailing or if you are looking for a comfortable sailing boat which is easy to handle but offers sportive sailing.

Picture 4: Launching the Eelex 8000 on the Masters Expo in Amsterdam We are very proud and happy with our new partnership with X Shore and to be able to bring the first 100% electric high performance tender to the Dutch market. As kick off, we launched the Eelex 8000 on the Masters Expo luxury fair in Amsterdam this November.

Picture 5: the Eelex 8000 from X Shore, the first 100% electric high performance tender in the Netherlands This fall the first Demo Eelex 8000 arrived in the Netherlands. We invited the press for the first sea trails in the Netherlands. Next to that we created two new Eelex 8000 video’s for everyone to see the Eelex 8000 going full speed on the Dutch waters.

Picture 6: Eelex 8000 on the Masters Expo in Amsterdam – VIP Day One day of the Masters Expo was the VIP Day with the theme ‘black tie’, therefore the entire team of Natural Yachts was dressed up. We even gave the Eelex 8000 a bow tie. On these special occasions we make a group picture and it is a good moment for us to reflect and be thankful for the all the efforts of the Natural Yachts team and the achievements of past year. Also thankful that we can do this as a family.

Picture 7: Nexus Revo 870 Convertible Electric This year we have welcomed a new Nexus Revo 870 Electric to the charter fleet with a high convertible top which can be used flexible to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. The Nexus Revo 870 Convertible Electric provides comfort up to 4 persons and features a modern kitchen with induction hob. This picture was taken by very nice charter guests who have found a beautiful tranquil berth spot in nature on one of the Frisian lakes. Also in 2022 we will offer the ‘Cinca’ for charter. For more information have a look here.

Picture 8: Northman 1200 This dark grey Northman 1200 delivered to very nice clients is now boating in the Netherlands. This sunset picture was taken after the first sea trial in Heeg. The Northman 1200 is a luxurious and comfortable motor yacht which can accommodate up to 6 persons. Would you like to experience the Northman 1200 for a longer period yourself? It is also possible to charter the Northman 1200 Electric in Heeg.

Picture 9: Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop Electric & Solar Powered delivered to Yachtcharter Schroeder in Germany This picture is of the Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop Electric & Solar Powered called ‘Evje”. As it was the first 100% electric motoryacht in the surrounding of Plau am See a Television crew was present at the delivery of the boat. We have also made a short recap video of the first sea trail and the delivery of this electric boat. Watch the video of “Evje” here.

For the upcoming year we are very proud to announce that our charter fleet will be 100% electric and we are growing to a fleet of 7 charter yachts. Which results in 86.126 kg CO2 reduction in 25 weeks of charter if you compare it to traditional diesel motorboats. To translate, this reduction is equivalent to the amount of 18 households with an average yearly usage of 3000 kWh electricity and 1500 m3 gas.

We are very happy that we can even make more impact next year and we are committed to accelerating the transition to a sustainable watersports driven by zero emission innovative technology.

From all of us at Natural Yachts we want to say thank you for your support. We wish you a healthy and wonderful new year. Enjoy each other and the outdoors to the fullest. Go out on the water, relax and connect with nature.

Best 9 from 2021 of Natural Yachts


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