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Boating holiday in Friesland? 5 tips for ultimate enjoyment!

Aktualisiert: 9. Nov. 2023

Would you like to have a relaxing getaway on the Frisian lakes with your partner, family or friends? To experience the ultimate boating holiday, we would like to share five tips with you. The first tip we are giving away; charter an electric boat for a boating holiday in Friesland. With a boat you have 'your own home on the water' to discover all the wonderful things Friesland has to offer. From cosy and charming villages to magnificent landscapes.

Experience the ultimate boating holiday in Friesland Friesland is known for its many waterways that pass right through its towns and villages. No province is more suitable to discover from the water as Friesland. While cruising on the Frisian lakes you can enjoy all the beautiful nature around you, and there are also several islands where you can moor the boat for a short break or to spend the night. A boating holiday in Friesland is actually a combination of an outdoor holiday and a city trip holiday.

In addition, a boating holiday offers the variety of relaxed and active activities. It is for instance also possible to book a SUP board in combination with the charter of an electric boat. Have you found a nice spot in nature? The water sports activities don't stop there, take the SUP board and go on an adventure!

Tip 1: Discover Friesland on an electric boat

What is the best way to discover Friesland? Charter an electric boat. The boat is your own holiday home, whether you're exploring a Frisian town or relaxing in nature. An ‘electric’ boat makes the experience on the water even more ultimate. You can enjoy the outdoor experience even more because you boat quietly; you can hear the sounds of the water, the birds and the waving reeds.

When chartering an electric boat for a boating holiday in Friesland, you can go on holiday without harming nature. In addition, boating on an electric boat is also healthier for the people in the immediate surroundings because you do not breathe in exhaust fumes.

Tip 2: Spend the night in nature

It may feel like wild camping, but in Friesland you can find the most beautiful moorings in nature. These moorings are the property of the Marrekrite, this foundation also maintains these berths. All the boats that we have for charter have a Marrekrite flag that allows you to enjoy these beautiful places in nature for free. Would you like to support the foundation? You can, by buying a Marrekrite flag for €15,- or you can make a one-time donation through their website.

You might wonder whether you can spend the night in nature with an electric boat. If you use the principle of 'recharging' you certainly can! This means that when you moor somewhere and there is shore power, you connect the boat and recharge the battery pack. On the dashboard of the charter boats from Natural Yachts you can easily see the status of the battery pack. This way, you can comfortably spend the night in nature. If the electric boat is also equipped with solar panels on the roof, even better. On a sunny day, the solar panels produce about as much electricity as is used by the hotel functions, such as cooking (induction), light, hot water, etc.

Tip 3: Go on a city trip in Friesland What could be more fun than waking up to the sound of gently lapping waves and starting the engine of the electric boat, and therefore quietly set course to one of the picturesque Frisian towns. Friesland is also known for the Elfstedentocht, an ice skating race that can only be held during the harshest of winters.

The name of this ice skating tour already tells you that Friesland has many cities. Because the water passes right through these Frisian places, it is also possible to discover these cities by boat. You can usually find a berth place in the heart of the city!

Tip 4: Go for the real water sports experience

On holiday you want to unwind and

forget the everyday rush. You will certainly be able to do that during a boating holiday with an electric boat. It's not just the variety of the boating areas that makes this kind of water sports holiday so enjoyable, but you can also make it as sporty as you like.

Our tip is to rent a SUP board with the electric boat. When you have found a nice spot with the boat, you can continue your adventure on the SUP board! Especially in the evening, it is wonderful and relaxing to paddle over the quiet water in the serenity of nature.

Tip 5: Enjoy culinary delights in Friesland Did you know that you can enjoy all kinds of local delicacies in Friesland? Every baker has his own speciality. We would like to give you a few tips of delicacies you should try during your boating holiday in Friesland. Sukerbôle or sugar bread is a well-known delicacy. You cut the bread into slices and spread a little butter on it. This bread tastes slightly different at each bakery, because each bakery has its own recipe! Another Frisian delicacy is Oranjekoek. It is eaten on festive occasions and can be recognised by its pink icing with a whipped cream topping containing a piece of fruit or chocolate. If you do not have a sweet tooth, visit a Frisian butcher and ask for a traditional dry sausage - this local product is a favourite of every Frisian!

With these 5 tips you will experience the ultimate boating holiday in Friesland. You can charter an electric boat at Natural Yachts in Marknesse / Vollenhove. Natural Yachts is situated in the national park Weerribben-Wieden and from there Friesland is close by and you can discover all of the Frisian lakes.

Would you like to get inspired? Have a look at the "Friesland Boating Route" or the "South-west Friesland boating route".

Charter the Nexus Revo 870 Electric, for 2, 3 or 4 persons. Or charter the Northman 1200 Electric, a luxury motor yacht that can accommodate up to 6 persons.

For more information or inspiration, please visit: Natural Yachts

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