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Charter a boat in Friesland without a boating licence

Aktualisiert: 6. Nov. 2023

Are you planning a boating holiday in Friesland, but you don't have a boating licence? That's no problem, at Natural Yachts in Marknesse / Vollenhove you can charter a boat without a boating licence. Charter one of our comfortable electric boats for 2 to 6 persons and discover the Frisian lakes!

Do I need a licence? At Natural Yachts you can charter a motorboat without a licence! All yachts in the charter fleet of the family business from Marknesse / Vollenhove are under 15 metres and do not go faster than 20 km per hour. Therefore you don't need to have a boating licence.

Safe and carefree on the water To enjoy your boating holiday in Friesland without worries and to boat safely on the water, it is important to know your boat and the boating regulations. Before your boating holiday begins, we will send you tips to prepare for your holiday and you will receive the boating regulations of 'Varen doe je Samen' (Boating Together). So you can charter a boat for a boating holiday Friesland well informed and safe.

No boating experience and no boating licence needed Of course it is useful if you have some boating experience and knowledge of wind and weather conditions. Because every boat is different and behaves slightly differently, we give everyone a technical instruction. The technical instruction takes place when we hand over the boat to you, during the check-in. We will go for a short boating session for you and your crew to get to know the yacht well.

When you have no to little boating experience, that's no problem. We do ask you to mention this in advance and to book a ‘boating refreshment hour’ or ‘2 hours’. Do you have no experience at all or only boating experience with a sloop? Then we recommend you to book a ‘boating refreshment of 2 hours’.

On the day of arrival, you will practice boating and manoeuvring on your charter boat. You will be instructed on how to moor the boat, how to use the bow- and stern thruster, how the crew can best help the skipper, etc. By booking a ‘boating refreshment hour’ or ‘boating refreshment 2 hours’, your boating holiday in Friesland can start safely and relaxed!

Charter a boat in Friesland without a boating licence

Boating routes in Friesland We are happy to advise you on a most suitable boating route for your boating holiday in Friesland! Perhaps you first want to cruise in a quiet environment so you can get to know the boat better and practice a little. Or maybe you would like to discover the Frisian villages and towns, it is all possible. In combination with the weather forecasts we can look for a nice and feasible route for your boating holiday.

Electric Boating All yachts from Natural Yachts are equipped with an electric drive. An electric boat is easier to operate than a boat with a conventional drive. Ideal for the beginning water sports enthusiast! It's a great experience to cruise on the Frisian lakes in peace and quiet, 0% emissions and 100% enjoyment!

Charter a boat in Friesland without a boating licence

Is it easy to steer a boat? Operating a boat is not difficult, boating is something you have to learn. If you have little or no boating experience, we recommend that you charter a boat that has an electric bow- and stern thruster. For manoeuvres such as mooring, keeping the boat in position or turning it, the bow- and stern thrusters are ideal tools as they provide a boost to port or starboard.

All the 'Natural Yachts' boats are equipped with a bow- and stern thruster or a turnable propeller. The turnable propeller has the same functionality as a stern thruster.

Charter an electric boat: the Nexus Revo 870 Electric, the Northman 1050 Trawler, or the Northman 1200 Electric The Nexus Revo 870 Electric is a modern motorboat for 2 adults and 2 children, the Northman 1050 Trawler Electric is suitable for 4 persons, and the Northman 1200 Electric is a luxury motor yacht of 12 metres and suitable for up to 6 persons. You can charter the Nexus Revo 870 Electric, Northman 1050 Trawler Electric, and the Northman 1200 Electric without a boating license.

We definitely recommend you to book a ‘boating refreshment hour’ or a ‘boating refreshment 2 hours', besides that this is a fun experience to do with your crew, we make sure you can start your boating holiday in a relaxed way.

We look forward to welcoming you for a wonderful holiday on the water! Can you imagine boating on an electric boat together with your family or friends? Relax in nature or discover the Frisian towns. Enjoy the variety you will experience on a boating holiday!

Are you interested in a boating holiday? Check out our charter fleet and discover the possibilities!


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