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Electric boat with cabin - comfortable & low-maintenance

Do you want to buy an electric boat with cabin? Natural Yachts offers several electric cabin boats for sale. The Nexus Revo 870 Electric is a spacious electric motorboat for 4 persons. Are you looking for a larger model? Then have a look at the Northman 1200 Electric, this is a luxurious and full electric cabin boat suitable for 6 persons. The big advantage of a cabin boat is that you are buying a boat with sleeping accommodation. The cabin boats from Natural Yachts are also suitable for longer stays on the water.

Buying a boat with sleeping accommodation A cabin boat offers the great advantage that you can also spend the night on the boat. Additionally, an electric boat with cabin provides extra comfort during your stay on board. Natural Yachts' electric boats are equipped with a high level of comfort and feature electric heating and/or infrared heating, a modern kitchen with induction hob, electric fridge, hot water and electricity to make coffee and charge phones and tablets at all times.

Electric cabin boat for 4 persons The sturdy Nexus Revo 870 Electric is a spacious 4-person boat for a comfortable stay on the water. With two cabins with double beds, a bathroom cabin with shower and electric toilet, a spacious sitting area and modern kitchen, this electric motorboat offers everything you need.

Electric cabin cruiser for 6 people The larger model offered by Natural Yachts in the electric cabin boat segment is the Northman 1200 Electric. This is a luxury electric motor yacht that can accommodate 6 persons with its 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms.

Comfortable & low maintenance The nice thing about electric boating is that it is extremely comfortable because you can cruise silently without the noise of the engine, and an electric boat requires minimal maintenance. You can go boating whenever you feel like it. It is easy to charge an electric cabin cruiser using the existing shore power connections in any harbour or municipal berth.

Staying overnight in nature Can you already imagine making the most beautiful cruises with your newly purchased electric cabin cruiser? You will discover untouched natural areas in complete tranquillity. With an electric boat, you have enough energy on board to spend several nights in nature.

When you find a pleasant berth and moor the boat, you can prepare a delicious meal (even without shore power) with groceries from the electric fridge. The induction hob and/or electric oven ensure that you are fully equipped for cooking.

After dinner, enjoy a nice chilled drink while watching the sun set. Then it's time to head for the cabin and go to sleep, as another wonderful cruise awaits you the next day.

The advantage of a cabin boat is that you can sleep on board and have pretty much all the conveniences you are used to from home. The electric drive and electric hotel function ensure that your boat is comfortable and low-maintenance.

Are you looking for an electric boat and curious about the possibilities? Natural Yachts offers new and used electric cabin cruisers. Take a look at the electric cabin boats on offer from Natural Yachts here.

Want to try them out first? Check out Natural Yachts' charter fleet of electric cabin boats.

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