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The watersport province of the Netherlands, Friesland has it all

Aktualisiert: 29. Nov. 2021

Friesland is thé watersports province of the Netherlands, where there are a lot of things to do. Discover in this blog more about this beautiful province and its picturesque towns. Because what could be more fun than to do this with a sustainable boating vacation?

Boating routes

Friesland has various boating routes and with the quiet boats of Natural Yachts you can fully enjoy the beautiful spots and nature that the province has. In addition, you can find a lot of tranquil berth places from the Marrekrite, onboard the charter yachts you can find a map which shows exactly where you can moor. Furthermore, there are many possible boating routes with which several villages and cities can be visited.

The Elfstedentocht

When you think of Friesland, you often think of the Elfstedentocht. This phenomenon makes the hearts of many skating enthusiasts beat faster. But not only by skating this route can be done, also by bicycle, motorcycle or boat. And although the entire trip boating may be a little too long for a week, visiting some of these towns in combination with a nice sailing route is definitely worth it!


As the capital of the province of Friesland, we start off with Leeuwarden, in Frisian known as 'Ljouwert'. In this city there is plenty to do, both in terms of art and culture as hospitality. This city really does have everything! In addition, Leeuwarden carried the title of 'cultural capital of Europe' in 2018, which has left plenty of traces. Next to this, the city has many nice museums and sights with the Oldehove tower as the icing on the cake. This tower stands as tilted as the tower of Pisa, which makes it feel like you are in Italy for a moment! It is also fun to take the boat to the 'Prinsentuin' where you can moor right in the city center and you can discover more of Leeuwarden from there.


From the capital of Friesland, we move on to the smallest town our province has to offer. Sloten may be the smallest, but it is certainly not the least. In this town there are several sights to admire, including for example the cannon. Normally in high season you can attend a traditional canon firing ceremony every Friday. In addition, close to the canon there is a large corn mill and the town has many idyllic houses and gates. Furthermore, the annual market 'Sipelsneon' is a recurring event in Sloten, which is named after the shape of the town's fortress. Definitely worth a visit since you can reach the beautiful Sloten in about 1.5 hours by boat from our harbor in Heeg!


As a water sports enthusiast, Stavoren is certainly not to be missed in the list of beautiful cities in Friesland. This town lies on the IJsselmeer and resembles the harbor city Copenhagen with its colorful houses. It’s very nice to boat along! In addition, Stavoren has, due to its location and extensive history, many beautiful monumental buildings, each telling a story. Of course the Frisian folk tale of 'het vrouwtje van Stavoren' (the woman of Stavoren) must not be missed.

So far the first few cities in our province. Next week we will cover new places, each with its own special and fun sights! For more information visit ‘Visit Friesland,’ or discover the various sailing routes.

Would you like to charter your own yacht to discover Friesland? Have a look at the charter fleet of Natural Yachts.


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