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With the Northman 1200 Electric from Heeg to Lemmer

Are you curious to find out what boating on the Northman 1200 Electric is like? We are happy to tell you more about 100% electric boating, about the consumption, charging and of course the comfort on board.

13 November 2021 | The Northman 1200 Electric 'Marlin' is in our harbour in Heeg. Today, we are going to navigate to Lemmer with the crew of Team Natural Yachts! The Northman 1200 Electric is 100% electric and is one of the yachts from our Experience Center. It is possible to visit these yachts, make a test sail, but also to experience and charter them for a longer period of time.

We step on board the Northman 1200 Electric and the dashboard makes it easy to check that the yacht is fully charged. We disconnect the shore power and store the cables. We turn on the engine with the key and activate the proportional bow and stern thrusters, which are in one joystick, so we can easily depart later. We also switch on the Raymarine 9-inch plotter, which enables us to check our speed, see where we are heading, etc. It is 15.30 hours, and we are ready to depart. We cast off and set a course to Lemmer.

It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, but it is already getting colder, it is about 14 degrees outside. We switch on the heating so that it will be nice and warm inside. It is quiet on the water and we enjoy the 360-degree views. On the induction cooker, the kettle is already on, and at the same time, we make a nice cup of coffee with the Nespresso coffee machine while charging our phones.

In all silence, we boated from the Jeltesloot to the Prinses Margietkanaal. We also passed several cargo ships on this waterway. It is important to keep close to starboard (to the right) and to keep looking around, and regularly check behind you to see whether you are being passed by a cargo ship or another boat. It's starting to drizzle a little, so we turn on the windscreen wipers and the blower to ensure good visibility.

We have arrived at the Grootte Brekken. Before nightfall, we switch on the navigation lights so that we are always visible on the water. At around 17.00 hours, we arrived in Lemmer and found a nice berth place. While we were docking, we opened the door next to the steering position a little, so we could communicate well with each other. At this moment, we still have 72% battery capacity left. We connect the Northman 1200 Electric to shore power again and spend the night in Lemmer.

On board the Northman 1200 Electric you will find 3 bedrooms with double beds and 2 bathrooms with shower, electric toilet and sink. The Northman 1200 Electric is available for charter at Natural Yachts from April to October. Experience electric boating and enjoy the comfort on board our electric yachts. It is also possible to charter an electric boat for 4 persons with us. The Nexus Revo 870 Electric is a 100% electric motorboat and has 2 double beds and 1 bathroom with shower, electric toilet and sink.

Do you have any questions about chartering or buying an electric boat? We are happy to help, you are most welcome in our Experience Center.

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