Northman maxus 33.1 RS

9,95 m | 3 cabins | 1 bathroom | no longer available for sales


The Maxus 33.1 RS is based on its predecessor the Maxus 33. Its predecessor was a great success in the market and the Maxus 33.1 now features better qualities, a finer shape, and a higher speed.


The Maxus 33.1 RS is a 6 (+ 2) person yacht with a spacious and luxurious-finished living room with a kitchen and 3 cabins for two persons, a bathroom with toilet, sink, and optionally a shower.

Because the yacht has a spacious interior, with several cabins and a generous cockpit, it is ideal for a longer boating holiday or a tour with the entire family.

It has excellent sailing characteristics and is suited for various sailing areas. It is possible to choose two keel types.


As propulsion you can choose from an electric drive with or without range extender. A diesel inboard or an outboard engine.

The range extender is a fuel cell that provides sufficient energy for the hotel function and for the propulsion system. Zero emissions, good for the climate and more comfortable for you.


Wide sailing area: Centerboard 0.45 / 1.70 m


Convenience with sailing greater draught: Fixed keel with Bulb 1.90 m

General information


9,55 m


3,20 m

Hull material


Cabin height

1,95 m

interior information


6 + 2


3 for two persons




1 (electric)


1 shower & 1 deck shower (hot & cold) (optional)


Gas / induction


Combi-oven (optional)


Refigurator (electric) Freezer optional


With hot & cold water tap



technical information

Centerboard (standard)

CE-category B

Draft (min/max)

0,45 / 1,70


4500 kg

Weight of the keels

200 kg

Inside ballast

1200 kg

Sail area

50 m2

Spinnaker (optional)

60 m2


60 m2

Mast height

12,5 m

Fixed keel

CE-category B


1,90 m


5000 kg

Weight of the keels

1700 kg

Inside ballast

0 kg

Sail area

52 m2

Spinnaker (optional)

65 m2


60 m2

Mast height

13 m

Energy- & propulsion systems


100% electric

Do you love to sail and enjoy the silence and tranquillity around you? With an electric drive for your sailboat you can enjoy the continuous sailing experience. Depending on your sailing profile and sailing area, we assemble the electrical configuration, consisting of an electric engine and battery pack. Also, with this solution, you don't have to worry about losing space inside. Depending on your sailing wishes we make a suitable configuration. 

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Electric & fuel cell powered

Would you like to discover various cruising areas or make a big sailing trip? In that case it's comfortable to always have enough energy on board, so you do not have to worry about whether you can recharge or refuel somewhere. The Maxus 33.1 RS electric with fuel cell ensures that you always have enough green energy on board. This configuration consists of an electric motor and battery pack with a fuel cell as a range extender.


The fuel cell generates enough green electricity for the hotel function and for the propulsion system. This makes you independent of shore power and allows you to sail without emissions. Comfortable for you because you sail without the smell of exhaust fumes and quiet as well as being good for the climate. Depending on your sailing profile and sailing area, we assemble this configuration. 


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Do you sail relatively little on an engine or do you only use the engine to get in and out of the harbour? Then you can choose to have your Maxus with an outboard engine. This is an economical solution for which the sailing yacht is very suitable. You will also not lose any interior space.


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Maxus 33.1 RS Sailing Boat

Maxus 33.1 RS

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