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Boating holidays in Europe – boat hire on the European canals and lakes

Enjoy a family boating holiday in Europe. Renting a motoryacht is an excellent way to explore Europe and the country which is known for its water culture, the Netherlands. The boat is your way of travelling and is your accommodation during your vacation too. This makes that you can spend your holiday on the water very relaxed and without a worry.

Come boating in The Netherlands, a landscape of canals, windmills, and idyllic towns. When you spend your boating holiday in West-Europe, the Netherlands, you cannot only find yourself cruising over peaceful lakes but also discovering vibrant cities after mooring your boat right in the city center.

In the Netherlands boating is a way of living and the best way to discover this country is by boat! Feel welcomed by the Dutch inhabitants on the waterways, admire the traditional windmills and tulip fields that you find along your boating route.

Boat & Bike The Netherlands isn’t known for having a lot of hills and therefore it is an excellent bike country. After a boating trip you can explore the Dutch waterside cycle routes with your rented (foldable) bike which can be stored on your boat. From your berth place you can bike to the bakery to get fresh bread in the morning or you can bike to a restaurant of your liking for a culinary experience.

Electric boating on European waters You want to spend your boating holiday in comfort. What is better than to cruise the lakes and canals of the Netherlands silently. You can really soak in the natural surroundings and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. At Natural Yachts you can charter 100% electric motoryachts suitable for 2 to 6 persons. All the charter yachts are new and have a modern appearance.

Furthermore, all electric motoryachts are equipped with a long-range battery pack, this means you will have enough energy on board for 2-3 days of boating. Recharging your electric boat can be done with shore power which is available in every harbour and at every municipality berth place in villages and cities.

Navigating in Holland is easy and suitable for beginners Boating on the Dutch lakes and canals is suitable for all, also when you have no or less boating experience. During the check-in, the crew of Natural Yachts will give you a throughout explanation of the yacht and technical instruction. Next to this, it is also possible to book additional boating refreshment hours to practice with manoeuvres and mooring the motorboat.

A boating holiday in the Netherlands is the the perfect getaway Spending your vacation on the Dutch waters is a very nice way to experience and to get to know the part of West-Europe, the Netherlands. Boating is a way of life; relax and experience the tranquillity in nature or choose to do some sightseeing in the historic city centers, it’s up to you!

For more information and availability about the electric motoryachts of Natural Yachts, have a look at the fleetoverview:


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