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Electric Boating in Friesland

Friesland is known for its many water sports possibilities, its endless lakes and its picturesque villages and towns. The most ideal way to discover Friesland is from the water. Do you love nature, tranquillity and freedom? Then chartering a comfortable electric yacht in Friesland is really something for you.

Boating in Friesland is a special experience. Electric boating brings you one step closer to nature, it is quiet, clean and therefore very comfortable. Do you already see yourself cruising on the Frisian lakes in complete tranquillity? During your holiday, you do not have to worry about recharging an electric boat. In Friesland, you can moor in the middle of villages and towns where shore power is available. All harbours and municipal berths are also equipped with a shore power connection. In addition, it will certainly be a sight to behold as you silently cruise through the Frisian villages and towns.

Charter an electric motor yacht Electric boating is trendy and is becoming increasingly popular as more people have discovered the comfort of electric boating. By boating clean and quiet, you can optimally enjoy the nature around you and your company on board. Natural Yachts offers 100% electric motor yachts from 8 to 12 metres for charter, suitable for 4 or 6 persons.

The Nexus Revo 870 Electric, is a 4 person motorboat with 2 cabins and a bathroom with toilet and shower. This electric boat is available in a hardtop version with solar panels on the roof, or in a convertible version which you can use flexibly to steer in the sun or shade.

The Northman 1200 Electric is a 6 person motor yacht with 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms each with a toilet and shower. On this yacht, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort of electric boating.

What makes electric boating in Friesland so enjoyable? All waterways in Friesland are well connected. This means that from our charter harbour in Heeg, you can go in all directions. In Friesland you don't have to navigate the same route twice, because each time you can discover a new course and visit different Frisian lakes and villages/towns.

Friesland is also known for the Elfstedentocht, the famous ice skating race along the 11 Frisian towns. Every year, everyone waits in suspense to see if the ice skating race can be held, but that is only possible in cold winters when the ice is thick enough. However, every year, the Elfstedentocht is held in other competitions, such as supping, cycling, rowing, etc.

Every Frisian town or village is rich in history and there is something to experience everywhere, take Franeker for example, which has the oldest and still working planetarium on our planet. Or Dokkum, the most northerly town of the Netherlands, surrounded by the hexagonal, still flawless defensive work that was made by order of Prince Willem van Oranje.

Apart from the Frisian towns, the nature in Friesland is also beautiful. With an electric boat, you can enjoy it optimally because you will hear the sounds of nature instead of the engine as you cruise through the landscapes. Besides the fact that it is possible to boat right through the city centres in Friesland, you will also be boating in the middle of meadows with Frisian horses, Dutch cows or sheep. The variation in scenery makes sure you will never get tired of electric boating in Friesland.

100% electric boating Electric boating gives you freedom on the water, as you do not have to connect the boat to shore power every night. It is also possible to follow the principle of recharging. If you are moored somewhere with your electric boat, you can connect it to shore power and the battery pack can be recharged. This way you increase your range again. If you do this every time you go shopping or drink a cup of coffee, you can then cruise longer or stay longer in nature. The yachts that Natural Yachts offers for charter are standard equipped with a 'long range' battery pack that allows you to boat at least 6-10 hours a day.

It's nice to know that an electric boat is easy to use, because the electric motor is demand-driven. This makes the electric motor very efficient and economical. The bow and/or stern thruster makes the electric boat easy to manoeuvre.

What else should you know about electric boating in Friesland? If you are on a boating holiday in Friesland with an electric boat, you can assume that you will be able to charge the battery pack via the 'normal' shore power connection in every harbour / municipal berth.

Electric Boating in Friesland

The costs you have to pay for charging the boat during your boating holiday in Friesland may differ per harbour. In some harbours, electricity is included in the costs of the berth. In other places, you have to pay per kW or you have to throw coins in the shore power outlet. Please note that the last mentioned is less practical. So pay attention to where it is best to berth.

Read in this blog which moorings / ports in Friesland are very suitable for electric boats.

Charter harbour in Heeg Natural Yachts offers its charter yachts from the Frisian town Heeg, a real water sports village situated at one of the largest Frisian lakes in the heart of the Frisian lake district. The perfect place to start your boating holiday.

Do you like to experience the peace and quiet of nature and enjoy quality time with friends or family during your holiday? Charter an electric boat in Friesland, experience the ultimate nature experience and return home completely relaxed!

For more information about the electric yachts for charter in Friesland, please check the fleet overview:


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