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Press release // First charter fleet with only electric motor yachts

Bijgewerkt op: 9 nov. 2023

Family business Natural Yachts exclusively offers electric motor yachts for charter

The Netherlands - December 2021. Natural Yachts offers modern, luxurious and 100% electric motor- and sailing yachts for charter and sale. Last year Natural Yachts has offered several electric boats for charter last year and now the Dutch family business announces to offer only electric motor yachts for charter. A real first!

New yachts and advanced technology Natural Yachts will have 7 new 100% electric motor yachts in charter next year. These include three 12 meter motor yachts, the Northman 1200 Electric, and four 9 meter motor yachts, the Nexus Revo 870 Electric. These yachts are equipped with a long-range and safe LiFePO4 battery pack with a very long life span. Electric boating is not only sustainable, the stay on board an electric boat also offers more comfort.

A sustainable mission Global warming is having a major impact, leading to extreme weather conditions such as floods, forest fires and melting of the ice caps. Tourism is responsible for approximately 8% of global emissions worldwide. At the climate conference COP26 in Glasgow, the NBTC, Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, together with other parties signed the Glasgow Declaration. By doing so, they committed themselves to work towards realizing the climate ambitions for destination the Netherlands.

With its 100% electric charter fleet, Natural Yachts demonstrates that sustainable tourism is not a vision of the future but a reality. The mission of the family business; 'To accelerate the transition to a sustainable water sport by applying zero emission innovative technology' indicates the company's level of ambition. The boating holidays with electric motor yachts offer the opportunity to introduce people to zero emission boating in an accessible way.

Saving CO2 The fact that all 7 yachts in the Natural Yachts charter fleet are equipped with an electric drive means that, compared to a traditional diesel motorboat, 86.126 kg of CO2 is saved per charter season. These emissions are equivalent to the annual emissions of 18 households with an average annual consumption of 3000 kWh of electricity and 1500 m3 of gas. Which means that 7 diesel motorboats in the charter season of 25 weeks generates as much emissions as 18 households together in 12 months.

To illustrate how much this is, the amount of CO2 that a tree absorbs annually is 20 kg. So normally 4300 trees would be needed to offset the CO2 emissions of these 7 yachts.

CO2 is often used as a parameter but the burning of fossil fuels also releases nitrogen oxides (NOx). This is not good for the environment and nitrogen dioxide can also be harmful to people. It can lead to respiratory problems and infections because it can penetrate into the smallest branches of the bronchial tubes.

It is well known that charter boats have an above average number of hours of cruising per year. It therefore has a lot effect to make a charter fleet “green”.

Jurjen Poorting, CEO of Natural Yachts, adds; "The 100% electric motor yachts that we offer for charter have a multifunctional purpose. With the charter yachts we are leading the transition to a sustainable water sport, but it is also a great way to get people acquainted with zero emission boating. We have noticed that our charter guests, when they return, also want to spend their next vacation on an electric boat and more demand is created."

Extra long boating range All yachts are equipped with a battery pack for an 'extra long boating range' this means that you can boat for about 2 days, this comes down to about 6 to 10 hours. If you are in a village or town to do some shopping, for example, you can immediately connect the motor yacht to the shore power supply to recharge. This way you can boat for a long time without having to spend the night in a harbor. In the Netherlands shore power is available in every harbor or municipal berth. When an electric motor yacht is (almost) empty, the battery pack on board can be recharged overnight. In addition, the yachts with a hardtop are equipped with solar panels that in sunny weather cover the consumption of the hotel facility.

Shore power electric boat

Comfort The electric boats of Natural Yachts have a modern look and offer the comfort of home. All yachts feature an outdoor sundeck lounge, a swimming platform with bathing ladder, a deck shower, a bathroom cabin with electric toilet, sink and shower and a modern kitchen with a.o. an induction hob.

Natural Yachts ensures that you can get out on the water confidently and relaxed. The hotel service offered includes final cleaning, made beds upon arrival and a technical explanation with boating instructions and a short cruise to get to know the yacht.

Northman Nexus Revo 870 Electric & Northman 1200 Electric The smallest model in the charter fleet of Natural Yachts is the Northman Nexus Revo 870 Electric. This boat accommodates up to four persons and has two cabins, a bathroom cabin, a modern kitchen and a comfortable seating area. Outside there is also plenty of room to relax, as there is an L-shaped sofa with a table in the cockpit, a bench on the foredeck and sundeck lounge pillows on the deck.

The Northman 1200 Electric is a luxury 12 meter motor yacht and can accommodate up to 6 persons. This electric yacht features 3 cabins below deck with double beds and 2 bathrooms. The living area is situated on the upper deck, so you can always enjoy a 360 degree view during the day.

Experience electric boating With these 100% electric motor yachts, the Dutch family business shows that sustainability, luxury and comfort go hand in hand and that a boating holiday in the Netherlands can also be enjoyed clean and emission-free!

Would you like to go on a relaxing getaway next year without impacting the environment? Natural Yachts has opened the bookings, starting from March 2022 the charter season will start.

For more information about the electric charter fleet of Natural Yachts have a look at:


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