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Let us introduce; the Maxus 22

Bijgewerkt op: 4 feb. 2023

This sailing boat of 22 foot is the smallest in the line of the Maxus Sailing Yachts. The Maxus 22 offers the perfect mix if you enjoy the sailing characteristics of an open sailing boat and the comfort of a cabin sailing boat. With the Maxus 22 you can enjoy sportive sailing, the sailing boat will get up to speed quickly and offers easy handling from the cockpit. The Maxus 22 sailboat features 4 fixed berths, a kitchenette and a toilet and can optionally be equipped with Regatta Dracon sails.

Discover a wide variety of sailing areas With the Maxus 22 you can discover probably all sailing areas on your wish list as this sailing boat can be transported on a trailer behind your car. Optionally, you can choose a system to lower the mast in a few minutes to prepare the Maxus 22 for transportation. This also comes in handy when you want to pass a fixed bridge.

Fun cruiser The Maxus 22 stands for easy and fun sailing! After a day sailing, you can relax and enjoy the comfort, cook a meal and go to bed for a good night sleep. The Maxus 22 can be used as a day sailer or as a tour sailer when you want to make longer boating trips.

Sailboat with sport feature The Maxus 22 sailboat features all the basic facilities you need if you want to use it as a tour sailer. Additionally it will have a sport feature; the Dracon sails. These Dracon sails will have a deep profile, leech, Cunningham, trimming straps, and tall tales. These sails have a grey see-through colour. The grey colour is the leading colour of this boat as the hull of the Maxus 22 will be dark grey and the lazy jack + lazy bag will also be grey.

The Maxus 22 will have a swing-keel with a minimum draft of 0,30 m and a maximum draft of 1,25 m. This sailing boat has CE-category C, weights ca. 1280 kg, and has a sail area of 23 m2.

Would you like to experience the Maxus 22? Please contact us to plan your visit. Would you like to know more about this sailing yacht? Request the specifications through our website or send a mail

Would you like to experience this sailing yacht for a longer period of time, it is also possible to charter the Maxus 22 at Hoora verhuur in Heeg.


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