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Next stop: Boot Holland | 7 – 11 February | WTC Expo Leeuwarden

We have just finished Boot Düsseldorf and the next boat show is presenting itself. From 7 – 11 February you can find us on Boot Holland at the WTC Expo Leeuwarden stand 4200.

Natural Yachts and Electric Ship Facilities will demonstrate the Natural Fuel Cell on Boot Holland. The Natural Fuel Cell can produce green electricity where and whenever you need it. Using the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell as a range extender in your yacht will make you independent of shore power.

The line of zero-emission Northman yachts from Natural Yachts are 100% electric. Meaning you can sail without any noise or exhaust gasses. With the Fuel Cell as range extender you always have enough energy onboard to charge your batteries for the hotel function or for your propulsion system, so you are not limited by a range. Giving you ultimate freedom while you can enjoy all the advantages from electric boating.

The yachts are 100% electric and have one electric system. This also accounts for the hotel function of the yacht, from heating, cooking on induction, fridge, (microwave) oven, the hot water system, to the proportional bow- and stern thrusters; everything is electric providing you with the comfort you are used to at home.

Would you like to experience it yourself? The zero-emission line from Natural Yachts is also for charter in Marknesse / Vollenhove.

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