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Nieuwe video // Maxus Evo 24 Exterior Mood Video

Maxus Evo 24 exterior mood video door Natural Yachts.

De Maxus Evo 24 is een sportieve en comfortabele zeilboot dat alles biedt voor de ultieme zeil ervaring, door de goede zeilprestaties en doordachte details. Of het gaat om een dagtocht, een tour, of een week weg, deze 24voet zeilboot is geschikt voor alle gelegenheden.

The Maxus Evo 24 is designed in a way in which everything makes sense, from the living space and the kitchen to the sleeping cabins. The standing height of 1.88 m, bathroom, kitchen and the 2 fixed berths which are longer than 2 meters and a spacious cockpit make this sailboat very comfortable. This cabin sailboat is transportable on a trailer behind the car, so you can discover new sailing areas every time. The mast lowering system makes it very easy to lower the mast independently.

The Maxus Evo 24 has various keel options; a swingkeel, a fixed keel, or twinkeels. In addition to the jib and mainsail, extra sails are also possible, such as a spinnaker or gennaker.

Sailing Yachts: The Maxus Evo 24 is one of the yachts from the line Maxus sailing yachts: Maxus 22 - Maxus Evo 24 - Maxus 26 - Maxus 28 - Maxus 33.1 RS. Besides the line sailing yachts, there is also a motor yacht line: Northman 1200 and Nexus Revo 870.

Electric Boating / Elektrisch Segeln: 100% Electric: Enjoy the comfort of 100% electric boating. You can also choose to add even more comfort to the yacht by powering it electrically. This allows you to enjoy the constant sailing experience by sailing on the engine quietly and without the smell of exhaust fumes. Electric Ship Facilities is the system integrator for Natural Yachts. It is good to know that our propulsion systems are client specific, depending on your boating area, boating profile, and specific wishes.

For sale / segelboot kaufen: Are you interested in buying the Maxus Evo 24 and are you interested to receive a pricelist/specifications? Request the specifications.

Charter / Bootsverleih: Are you interested to charter the Maxus Evo 24? Please contact us for the possibilities.

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