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Part 3 | The watersport province of the Netherlands Friesland has it all

Bijgewerkt op: 18 jan. 2022

Today we have arrived at the final part of 'Friesland has it all'. There is plenty to see and do in these four cities, so get inspired by the different places and discover the possibilities!

Northman 1200 boating in Friesland, the watersport province of the Netherlands


Dokkum is the northernmost town in the Netherlands and has a special history. The place gained great fame because of the missionary Bonifatius who died here in 754. After this tragedy, a beautiful well with a chapel was built that is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. Besides the rich history of the city, Dokkum is also close to the beautiful nature reserve of Lauwersmeer and the Unesco World Heritage site the Wadden Sea, where you can walk for hours. Finally, there are plenty of great terraces where you can relax after a long trip!


The idyllic town of IJlst is located a few kilometers from Sneek. Nevertheless, this is a unique town and is very typical of its pleasant canals and gardens. Every year an 'Overtuinfair' is organized, where you can enjoy a beautiful scenery along the canals. Furthermore, the town has a characteristic sawmill, several churches and a museum. In addition, one of the oldest sports in Friesland is 'fierljeppen', also known as pole vaulting. In IJlst, you can actually try this yourself by following a workshop on the IJlst ramp. But for those who do not want to risk getting in the water, watching an official fierljep competition is also an experience itself!


In Workum there is also plenty to do. This place on the IJsselmeer is known for its famous artist Jopie Huisman and the accompanying museum. Art plays an important role in Workum and the town is bustling with various studios and galleries. Workum also has an 800 meter long beach, which is very popular among water sports enthusiasts and surfers. It is wonderful to take a walk along the Frisian IJsselmeer coast. An ideal city if you are looking for a combination of relaxation and culture.


As the only seaport city in Friesland, Harlingen is a special place to visit. The center is attractive and during a walk through the city you can enjoy the canals, historic warehouses or the tile factory. From Harlingen ferries depart to the Wadden Islands Vlieland and Terschelling, making it often pleasantly busy in the port. In addition, the Harlingen Fishery Days are a fun event to visit, where you can enjoy water sports and music.

Discover Friesland from the water

These were all the eleven cities! Do you already look forward to a vacation in Friesland? The best way to discover Friesland is by boat, so discover all the possibilities for a sustainable vacation and have a look at our 100% electric charter fleet.

With a boat, you can visit a different place in Friesland each time while taking your own 'house on the water' with you. Especially by renting an electric yacht, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful nature and towns that Friesland offers.

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Or would you like to read more about Friesland? Have a look at 'A relaxing getaway'.


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