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Sneek, the watersport city of Friesland

Bijgewerkt op: 13 jun. 2023

Because of its central location in the Frisian lake area, Sneek is a real watersport city. This third largest city in Friesland has something for everyone, from cosy restaurants, cultural excursions, nice shops or relaxation on the water.

The city centre In downtown Sneek, there's always something to do. When the weather is nice, you can relax on the terraces on the Marktstraat. Sneek is also known for its cute shops and you can easily spend an afternoon shopping.

The symbol of Sneek, the water gate, is definitely worth a visit. The water gate consists of two pointed octagonal towers on either side of the bridge. The building was a gatekeeper's house, dating from 1785, although they have been rebuilt several times over the years. The symbol can be found, among other things, in the sails and clothing of the Gaastra brand.

Sneekweek | Europe's largest sailing event on inland waterways On the Sneekermeer and the Poelen near Sneek, sailing regattas will be held in 42 different classes during the first week of August. Sneekweek has the motto: 'during the day you will compete for the honour and in the evening it’s all about the atmosphere'. Also in the city itself it is a big party, everywhere there are bars and 'live music' performances. If you are there by boat make sure to get a spot on time, both in the city and around the starting island it can be busy.

Activities in Sneek The Frisian Shipping Museum is a nice excursion in the heart of Sneek. You can learn everything about the history of Frisian shipping but also about the city of Sneek. There is even a children's museum for children.

In addition, Sneek has a model railroad museum, which shows the largest collection of Dutch models in Europe.

If you are looking for a little more action, there is a waterski course near the Sneekermeer. Where you as a beginner or advanced are at the right place. You can also go wakeboarding here.

Discover Sneek by boat

Did you know that you can moor your boat right in the city center of Sneek? From there it is very easy to discover the city. This watersports town is one of the Eleven Cities of Friesland. Or you can find a berth place in nature on the Sneekermeer lake. In summer it can be busy in Sneek and on the Sneekermeer lake, just make sure that you find a berth place on time. Want to now how to get in Sneek with your boat? Discover the 'Friesland boating route'

Would you like to visit Sneek with your own boat? Have a look at the charter fleet of Natural Yachts.


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