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Sustainable and electric boating with the Northman 1200 Electric

Bijgewerkt op: 6 nov. 2023

The traditional combustion engine makes way for electric. A 100% electric boat is environmentally friendly and offers many advantages for you as an owner. Electric boating contributes to a sustainable and green future. Did you know that it is possible to cruise with a 12 meter motor yacht completely electric and emission free? We are happy to tell you more about electric boating and the Northman 1200 Electric of Natural Yachts, a comfortable yacht that combines luxury with sustainable boating pleasure.

How does an electric boat work? A 100% electric boat, for example the Northman 1200 Electric, has an electric motor and a battery pack. The e-motor is connected to the propeller without a gearbox, because the e-motor can turn in two directions. Because of this, quickly switching between forward and backward is no problem. The motor of an electric boat is powered by the battery pack and the batteries can be recharged via shore power. Charging an electric boat is easy, because shore power is available in marinas and at municipal berths.

The Northman 1200 is a fully electric motor yacht. The yacht has an electric motor and a safe LiFePO4 battery pack with a very long life span. The efficient and powerful electric motor is easy to use and provides comfort and tranquillity on board. An additional advantage is the minimal maintenance costs that an electric boat needs.

The batteries can also be charged with solar energy, which is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Solar panels on a boat increase your range and give you even more freedom, so you can make a longer boat trip and stay for a longer time on board. The roof of the Northman 1200 can be equipped with efficient solar panels. You can choose to have the entire roof of the Northman 1200 installed with solar panels or only the back side of the roof. If you choose the last option, the roof can be equipped with the sun deck lounge.

Nature, comfort and luxury go hand in hand

How to contribute to help climate change? Go electric! To have as little impact on nature as possible, the emission-free Northman 1200 Electric has a 100% electric propulsion system. You can optimally enjoy the surroundings with all your senses because you can cruise in the peace and quiet without emissions.

Besides the electric drive, several aspects further emphasise the electric features on board the Northman 1200 Electric. We start with the modern kitchen of the Northman 1200, which features an induction hob so you can cook economically and efficiently. There is also an electric fridge and a combi-oven on board. You can always make coffee and tea while boating or when you are staying in nature.

In the living room and in the bedrooms of the Northman 1200 Electric you can charge your phones or laptops. You can even enjoy a hot shower and use hot water in the kitchen at any time.

Light-flooded saloon & open cockpit model

The full electric Northman 1200 is comfortable for you and for the environment. Curious about the interior and exterior of this luxury boat?

When you enter the saloon of the 6 person Northman 1200 you almost have the feeling of being outside because of the large windows. From every position you have a 360 degree view. For extra daylight the Northman 1200 has an electric roof hatch as standard. The saloon and the modern kitchen are on the same level. Downstairs there are three cabins: the master bedroom and two equivalent bedrooms, all with double beds. There are two bathrooms which are both equipped with an electric toilet, shower and washbasin.

The Northman 1200 has an extended cabin roof over the open cockpit. By opening the doors to the outside, the saloon and cockpit merge into one large living space. With a cockpit tent, this space can be completely closed. The wide gangways lead to the foredeck, where you can relax at the loveseat. With only two steps you enter the roof of the Northman 1200 where there is plenty of space to lie down in the sun.

Boating characteristics and range The hull of the Northman 1200 is efficient and extremely suitable for electric boating. This way, you will not only cruise quietly, but also sustainably and fuel economically. The Northman 1200 has a good stability and manoeuvring is easy.

The hull of the Northman 1200 is efficient and extremely suitable for electric boating. This way, you will not only cruise quietly, but also sustainably and fuel economically. The Northman 1200 has a good stability and manoeuvring is easy.

The range of an electric boat is the amount of kilometres a boat can cruise on a full battery pack without recharging in between. To determine the range you need to consider your boating area, the availability of shore power and your boating wishes.

Factors that influence the range are, among others, the weather conditions, your yachting style and the use of electrical devices on board. We are happy to advise you about the right configuration for the Northman 1200 Electric. Click here to read more about the range of the Northman 1200 Electric and request the specifications and price list.

The Northman 1200 Electric is ready for a green future and offers plenty of comfort! You are welcome to visit this sustainable and luxurious boat in our Experience Center in Marknesse / Vollenhove! We look forward to seeing you there! With kind regards, Team Natural Yachts


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