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The 5 highlights of the Eelex 8000

Bijgewerkt op: 18 jan. 2022

Do you like fast boating, but do you also want to enjoy the peace and quiet on the water without impacting the environment? Are you curious how fast you can go with an electric boat? Discover the advantages of electric boating and get to know the modern and fast Eelex 8000. To give you an impression of this 100% electric boat, we have selected 5 highlights. Of course you are also welcome for a feel and touch with the Eelex 8000!

Eelex 8000 from X Shore, the first full high performance electric tender

1) 100% electric drive

We have selected the electric drive as our first highlight. The Eelex 8000 from X Shore is a 100% electric boat. An electric drive ensures that you can fully enjoy the silence around you. The electric motor is low-maintenance and delivers up to 225 kW with a 118 kWh battery pack.

Just like driving electric, electric boating is becoming increasingly popular. While the automotive industry is steadily expanding its range of electric cars, the Eelex 8000 is the first 100% electric planing boat to be launched in the Netherlands.

2) Fast boating

Curious about the speed of this electric boat? With the Eelex you can reach a top speed of 65 km/h, a cruising speed of 37 km/h and an impressive acceleration of 0-37 km/h in 4.2 seconds.

Do you like wakeboarding or water skiing? Then we have good news, because the X Shore boats are very suitable for wakeboarding or water skiing. A practical detail of the Eelex 8000 is the wakeboard hook on the roof. Ideal for quick and safe water sports. To be able to wakeboard or water ski, the boat has to go faster than 20 km/h. Additional advantages of wakeboarding or waterskiing behind an electric boat are the possibility to communicate with each other due to the low noise level and you do not breathe in exhaust fumes.

Where can you boat at high speed? There is a national maximum speed of 20 km an hour for fast motorboats. You can download a map showing the fast-cruising areas at 'varen doe je samen'. This map shows the speed limits that apply to the various waterways, indicated where water-skiing is allowed etc.

3) Eye-catching Design

The third highlight of this high-speed boat is the outstanding design of X Shore's Eelex. The boats are designed and also built in Stockholm. X Shore has already won awards for the boat's design, such as the German Innovation Award.

The Scandinavian design of the boat is characterised by its minimalist lines, natural materials and sleek design. The boat has a modern and futuristic look. The colour of the hull is offered in 3 natural colours. You can choose a sand-coloured, moss-green or a black coffee-coloured hull.

The roof of the Eelex 8000 has several advantages, of course it offers protection in different weather conditions. In addition, the wakeboard hook is attached to the roof, as described earlier, and the roof is also suitable for transporting mountain bikes or kayaks. The load capacity of the Eelex 8000 is 2500 kg.

Eelex 8000 from X Shore, the first full high performance electric tender

4) Modulair interior

The modern life requires flexibility. In addition to the eye-catching exterior of the Eelex 8000, the interior is also far ahead of its time. For example, the boat has various interior modules that can be attached to an aluminium rail on the middle and rear decks. To complete the interior, the bench and table can be converted into a sun bed. The captain's chair is foldable, you can lean against it or sit down.

Many environmentally friendly and sustainably produced materials can be found in the boat. The Eelex 8000, for example, has a cork deck, which is a good alternative to a teak deck. Cork is sustainable, comfortable and its non-slip characteristics improve the safety on board.

5) Interaction with your boat through advanced technology

The Eelex 8000 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. A Garmin MARQ watch and/or an app on your smartphone act as remote controls. Checking your speed or charge status has never been easier. In addition, the boat also features geofencing software that alerts with an alarm if the boat ever leaves the geofencing area.

Real-time performance data, 150 data points per second, is made available throughout use and can be viewed via the 24-inch touchscreen and the X Shore app. With the state-of-the-art technology, as the fifth highlight of the Eelex 8000, we will round off this blog.

Eelex 8000 from X Shore, the first full high performance electric tender

In short, with the Eelex 8000 you can enjoy fast and electric boating. Because of the many possibilities this electric boat offers, both sporty and recreational, you can optimally enjoy a wonderful day on the water with friends or family. Via the X Shore app or a Garmin MARQ watch, you can easily check the charging status, location, etc.

Would you like to get to know the Eelex 8000 better? You are welcome at Natural Yachts for a viewing or a test drive. Click here to request the specifications and price list.


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