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The 5 things you need to know about electric boats

Bijgewerkt op: 13 nov. 2023

In this blog we will discuss the 5 things you need to know about electric boats. The preference for quiet boats is not the only reason that boosts the popularity of electric boats. Are you looking for a boat with minimal maintenance? An electric boat is not only cheaper to maintain it also requires less work to get the boat ready for the season. Next to this, we will explain what types of electric boats there are.

Shore power connection of an electric boat

1. What are the types of electric boats? An electric boat has two major components: an electric motor and a battery pack that powers it. When a boat has these two components we refer to it as a full electric boat or a 100% electric boat. When a boat requires more range or if it has to be independent of shore power, it is an option to install a range extender next to the 100% electric configuration, this is called a Hybrid solution.

Northman 1200 Electric & Fuel Cell Powered Yacht

There are different types of range extenders available for an electric boat:

  • There is for example a back-up diesel generator; which will only be used when you have to cover a long distance or in a situation when there is no shore power available.

  • There is the DC diesel generator; which will be used as a range extender so you can boat a long distance and the diesel generator will charge the batteries.

  • There is the methanol based fuel cell range extender; this fuel cell produces green energy onboard when and whenever is needed. The methanol based fuel cell is a range extender, this fuel cell is quiet in operation and is zero emission.

When an electric boat is equipped with a “methanol based fuel cell” range extender we refer to it as an electric boat which is ‘independent of shore power’. As you do not need to require to be plugged in at the shore power to boat zero emission.

The batteries of an electric boat can also be charged by solar panels, however most boats do not have enough space to be completely dependent on the energy from the sun. The solar panels will cover the electricity consumed by the hotel function, for example, so you can have a longer stay in nature with the electric boat. These electric boats are referred to as ‘solar boats’ or ‘electric and solar powered boats’.

Nexus Revo 870 Electric Boat

2. Better boating experience When you drive an electric car you probably now that and electric engine can provide an instant torque. An electric boat has a faster acceleration compared to a boat with a combustion engine. At the moment the throttle is touched, an electric engine can produce full torque.

But what is the speed of an electric boat? The speed of an electric boat depends on the hull shape or so to say the water resistance. A 100% electric boat has a low water resistance. The effect is a long boating range just below the hull speed.

3. Minimal maintenance more boating pleasure Are you looking for a boat which you can enjoy to the most and have to maintain minimal? An electric boat is not only cheaper to maintain, it also requires less work. The electric engine of an electric boat does not require oil changes, or filters that need to replaced. The only thing you have to make sure when you have an electric boat is that the batteries are charged.

X Shore 1 - 100% Electric high performance boat

4. Lower total costs of ownership Replacing combustion powered boats with electric powered boats is a critical part of decarbonizing the watersport industry. Yet, electric yachts are considered by many as a luxury product, out of reach for the average boat buyer. Using real world costs of ownership scenarios, we can demonstrate that electric boat costs have fallen to reach a critical inflection point for mass adoption.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations can be revealing as the cost of a boat with a combustion engine at purchase represents half of its TCO. Moreover, energy and the ongoing maintenance costs dominate. This is where TCO shifts in favour of electric powered boats. This is due to the simpler nature of the electric drive train, electric boats have fewer parts and are easier to maintain.

Next to that, the availability of renewable electricity, either from an at-home solar installation or from the grid, mean electric boat energy costs are modest, whereas they remain high for combustion boats.

Northman 1200 Electric Yacht

5. Zero emission boating Electric boating is a solution for the generation who enjoys being in nature. Boating without emissions also benefits the health from those onboard the electric boat as they do not respirate the exhaust fumes which can cause respiratory problems.

Are you looking for an electric boat, Natural Yachts offers an entire line of electric boats for sale. From electric sloops, to 8 to 12 meter electric displacement yachts, and high performance electric tender boats.

Would you like to experience electric boating? Have a look at our 100% electric charter yachts.


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