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The Northman 1200 Electric with the first methanol drivetrain

Bijgewerkt op: 29 nov. 2021

Within the project Green Shipping Wadden Sea, Electric Ship Facilities et al. is developing Maritime Methanol Systems. Electric Ship Facilities is the system integrator for Natural Yachts. In the Northman 1200 Electric, the first methanol powertrain is being implemented which makes it possible to boat 100% electric - completely independent of shore power.

Northman 1200 Electric & Fuel Cell Powered In the Northman 1200 the first methanol powertrain is being implemented. This means that we have an efficient electric drive, a large battery pack and a methanol fuel cell as a range extender. This implies that you can boat entirely independent of shore power with the Northman 1200 Electric & Fuel Cell Powered.

Green Methanol What we use is green methanol. The production of green methanol is based on electrolysis, which means that green methanol is produced in the same way as hydrogen. From the air we add CO2 and with that conversion we instantly have methanol.

The challenges in storing and using hydrogen still exist at the moment. Green methanol as an energy carrier is seen as a promising alternative to hydrogen. Methanol is easier to store and has a good energy density, is widely available and easy to produce, and is price competitive with diesel.

Methanol is a very simple liquid which can be transported in, for example, a jerry can. This is the crux of why this bio-fuel is so useful. The logistics are easy; any existing truck/tanker can transport methanol. This also means that storage on board of ships is simple.

When producing methanol, CO2 is first captured from the air, and when the methanol fuel cell is in operation, CO2 is released when it is converted into electricity. In fact, the fuel cell is neutral again when this CO2 is released.

Methanol Fuel Cells Currently, there are limited Methanol fuel cells applied, because the Methanol fuel cell is not yet a commonplace. Most of the applied fuel cells are PEM fuel cells, which are the fuel cells operating on hydrogen. The methanol fuel cell is not yet in production for high power applications.

A Fuel Cell as a Range Extender Jurjen - ESF explains: "We use these fuel cells as a range extender. This means that we look very carefully at the efficiency of the underwater vessel. We have recently optimised our drive train to an even higher efficiency. In addition, we are currently working with state-of-the-art batteries. Which have a very long life span. In short, all aspects must be on a plus, and then we add the methanol fuel cell, so that when the battery says, ' I'd like some more energy', the fuel cell can provide it. As a result, your stay in nature can be longer with the Northman 1200 Electric & Fuel Cell Powered and you can be completely independent of shore power."

Regulations The big advantage that we can start with a small ship within the Greenshipping Wadden Sea project is that we start with limited power and therefore we also keep the risks very limited. The charming thing about this project is that, together with experts, we are looking at the regulations as if it were an inland vessel. We want to be able to scale up to larger systems within three years. For example, big fishing vessels and the ''Brown Fleet''. Green boating for the “Brown Fleet” in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site is, of course, a very important factor.

Status Northman 1200 Electric & Fuel Cell Powered At this moment the 100% electric implementation of the Northman 1200 is done. Preparations for the Methanol Fuel Cell range extender have been made. Would you like to stay informed about the development of the Maritime Methanol Systems? Subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Partners The project of Greenshipping Waddenzee, the development of Maritime Methanol Systems is carried out by Electric Ship Facilities in cooperation with the following partners: Bureau Scheepvaart Certificering, Conoship, Stokkel Engineering and the FME as coordinator of the programme.


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