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The outdoor experience on the Northman 1200; lots of daylight and a generous view to the outside.

Bijgewerkt op: 29 nov. 2021

As a water sport enthusiast, you want to enjoy the full 'being on the water' experience. Even when you are inside, you still want to experience 'the outside'. The Northman 1200 is equipped in such a way that the steering position, the saloon and the kitchen all provide a view. The 'superstructure' consists almost entirely of windows. This ensures maximum enjoyment of nature and panoramic views of the water while boating, cooking or dining.

A generous view The large windows provide a 360º view all round, and for more daylight, there is an electrically operating roof hatch: so you can steer ‘sheltered yet outside’. Outside without shelter is also possible, with a wide choice of seating. On the aft deck there is a bench with a movable backrest, and the foredeck is easily accessible via the wide gangways, where it is nice to relax on the bench, or you can find a higher spot on the sundeck lounge on the roof.


The view from the sundeck, which is located on the roof of the Northman 1200, is fantastic. On the sundeck, you can lounge, lie down or sit comfortably against the bolsters. Practical are the integrated cupholders. This sundeck is easily accessible by two steps from the foredeck of the yacht. These steps are smartly integrated into the superstructure to ensure no visibility loss. In addition to the sundeck variant, it is also possible to choose a Flybridge, which makes the superstructure 18 cm higher. Next to this, it is also possible to have the roof fully covered with solar panels, instead of a sundeck.

Living on the upper deck during the day and on the lower deck in the evening Because the living area, saloon, modern kitchen and steering position are on the upper deck, you live here during the day. When the weather is good, the living area can be extended to the cockpit by opening the bi-fold doors. In addition, this area can easily be closed off with a cockpit tent so that you can also include the spacious cockpit in the living space when the weather is not so pleasant, and you can sit sheltered.

Below deck, the Northman 1200 offers 3 cabins for two persons with beds that are longer than 2 metres. The two bathrooms, each with shower, toilet and sink, make this yacht ideal for a family holiday or for several couples.

All cabins feature closet space, ventilation/heating, lighting including a reading light, a power outlet / USB port to charge mobile devices, and windows. The front cabin, also known as the captain’s cabin, is somewhat larger and more luxurious and is additionally equipped with dimmable LED lighting, radio, built-in 'make-up' mirror, windows on both sides and extra storage space.

Active water sports

Once you have found a nice mooring place, the water sport activities do not have to stop. The spacious swimming platform at the back is ideal for active water sports enthusiasts. The bathing ladder is integrated in the bathing platform and getting on the SUP board from the bathing platform is also very easy.

The Northman 1200 outdoor experience If you choose for the electric powered version of the Northman 1200, the outdoor experience will be even more enhanced by boating in complete peace and quiet, which enables you to take in your surroundings even better.

With the Northman 1200, you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, even when you are inside. The large windows provide a lot of light, good visibility and panoramic views. In addition, an electric drive train further enhances the 'outdoor experience' on board. Outside, the Northman 1200 provides the ability to enjoy comfortably, with the many seating areas, the spacious cockpit, the aft deck with bathing platform, and the sundeck lounge on the roof.

Would you like more information about the Northman 1200? Request the specifications! Or plan a visit to our experience centre.


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