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Why go electric?

Bijgewerkt op: 7 nov. 2023

If you are thinking of making the switch to an electric boat, you probably have a lot of questions, from how much you can save, to whether it will match your boating routine. As technology has advanced and the options for an electric boat have grown, more and more people conclude that it is now time to go electric.

Making the switch to an electric boat

Why boat an electric boat? The many benefits of electric boats.

- Skip the petrol station Powering your plug-in boat is a more convenient and less expensive option. Electric boats use far less energy than traditionally powered boats with a combustion engine, generally the costs are about a third as much as a boat with a combustion engine, and often have lower maintenance costs.

Beyond the ‘fuel-saving’ benefit, electric boats offer another major cost saving on maintenance. Since electric boats are fully electric, it doesn’t require oil to lubricate an engine. That means that oil changes become a thing of the past. The same is true for a lot of other expensive engine work that could afflict a diesel-powered boat.

- Performance Take a boating trip to truly understand the improved boating quality of a plug-in boat: quiet, smooth, instantaneous torque and acceleration.

Electric boats offer a new boating experience. Being the skipper of an electric boat is exciting – offering instantaneous torque and smooth, quiet acceleration. Electric boats are highly efficient with benefits like regenerative braking, numerous smart features and greater connectivity.

- Cleaner Going for a plug-in boat is a cleaner choice, no matter where the electric boat is charged and used, electric boats have fewer total well-to-wheels emissions than the average combustion engine powered boat sold today. Decreased emissions, especially in acutely affected surroundings, result in more liveable, healthier environments for everyone.

Making the switch to an electric boat

What to consider before making the switch to electric You are likely well aware of the many benefits of electric boating but may still be wondering if it’s the right choice for you. We are here to help you weigh out the various factors.

Ask yourself these questions to understand if an electric boat is currently right for your lifestyle. - Why are you buying an electric boat? Maybe you decided you want to buy an electric boat to help reduce your environmental footprint, or you are looking to save money on operational costs such as fuel and maintenance, or perhaps you are looking to buy a boat which is almost maintenance free.

Or are you looking for the Tesla feeling: sustainable, futuristic, able to accelerate like fast electric cars, and capable of longer distances on one charge?

To know exactly why you want an electric boat and what benefits you are expecting, we will help you to make a decision that you will be happy with for years.

- Is there an electric boat that fits your needs? There is a growing number of different electric boat models, now also including a high performance tender with a top speed of 65 km and an impressive acceleration from 0-37 km/h in 4.2 seconds. Do you like wakeboarding or waterskiing? The Eelex 8000 from X Shore features a practical wakeboard hook on the roof. Ideal for quick and safe watersports. There are many advantages of wakeboarding / waterskiing behind an electric boat, as you can communicate with each other and you do not breath in exhaust fumes. More information on the Eelex 8000 can you find here.

Are you looking for a boat which is sporty, sturdy but offers everything you need for a comfortable stay on the water? The Nexus Revo 870 is a 9 meter electric motorboat which can accommodate up to 4 persons. This electric boat is available with a convertible top to flexibly enjoy the outdoor to its fullest or with a hardtop with solar panels on the roof. Curious? More information about the Nexus Revo 870 Electric can be found here.

Are you a family and would you like more space, or do you endorse natural light in your living? The Northman 1200 Electric offers luxurious and sustainable comfort. This electric motoryacht features 3 sleeping cabins for 2 persons and 2 bathroom cabins with both a electric toilet, sink and shower. The living area and modern kitchen is located on the upper deck of the Northman 1200 Electric so all day you can enjoy the 360 degrees views.

Looking for an even more sportive sailing option? The Maxus sailing yachts from 22 feet up to 28 feet are providing a lot of comfort and space inside as well provide you with a sportive sailing experience. All Maxus sailing yachts can be equipped with an e-motor. More on the Maxus sailing yachts, have a look here.

- Where will you charge your electric boat? Electric boats do not need new infrastructure to be charged. The current shore power which is available in harbours and municipality berth places can be used to charge the batteries of your electric boat.

- Is an electric boat an good investment for you? There is no doubt that the combination of significantly lower fuel- and maintenance costs makes switching to an electric boat add up to long-term savings. But with any big purchase, it’s important to consider all the costs of long-term ownership. Next to that it is essential to look into the market of the brand/model of the boat you are interested in, considering the fact what if you want to sell your boat again.

See for yourself – get behind the steer There is no better way to get to know a boat than to experience it yourself. You can charter an electric yacht at Natural Yachts and go for the real electric feeling.

Electric Ship Facilities is the electric boating specialist and the system integrator of Natural Yachts, if you have questions about electric configurations or energy systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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