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Year overview Natural Yachts | Best 9 of 2022

We are delighted to share some of our highlights from 2022 with you. In what way you might have joined us this past year, we are very thankful to have such friendly and passionate customers, charter guests and partners who joined us in our - zero emission- mission.

Picture 1. Experience & Charter fleet The experience- and charter fleet from Natural Yachts of 100% electric boats grew in 2022 to 7 yachts. That is almost double the amount of the 2021 fleet. In the beginning of April the charter season started successfully and we are very happy that we could welcome more than 120 families and friends for a zero emission boating holiday in the Netherlands.

Picture 2. In the press // first 100% electric charter fleet This year we could share the news that we offer the first 100% electric charter fleet in Europe. This means that all our charter guests could enjoy a comfortable and zero emission stay while exploring the Dutch waters. Next to that, our charter guests could experience electric boating and get acquainted with the 100% electric concept. We are very proud on the beautiful reviews they left. Curious to read about their experience? Have a look at our Natural Yachts business profile on google.

100% electric charter fleet

Picture 3. Eelex 8000 tested and featured on the Cover The Eelex 8000 from X Shore, the first planing and 100% electric boat ready for the market in the Netherlands, was added to our experience fleet. The press was highly interested to get to know this fast zero emission boat and we are very proud that the Eelex 8000 was featured on the cover of Motorboot.

Picture 4. Second Northman Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop Electric for Müritz / Plau am See We are happy to share that we have delivered another electric charter boat to Yachtcharter Schroeder in Germany. A second Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop Electric have been added to their fleet. If you are looking for a boating holiday in the surroundings of Müritz / Plau am See, you should definitely book the Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop Electric ‘Evje’ or ‘Elektra’.

Picture 5. Maxus Evo 24 Electric & Maxus 26 Electric Next to the Maxus Evo 24 Electric we are pleased that we have also delivered a Maxus 26 with an electric drive this year. Not only the propulsion is electric also the hotel function, this means we have installed an induction hob, electric infrared heating if desired etc. These electric features makes the Electric Maxus sailing boats even more comfortable. The line of Maxus sailing yachts is very well suited for electrification. Did you know that when sailing, the electric engine will start to generate electricity to charge the batteries? This is not only a sustainable and comfortable solution it is also an economic choice.

Picture 6. Northman 1200 Flybridge Electric with a double drive line We would like to introduce you to the Northman 1200 Flybridge Electric, a real flagship! This Northman 1200 Flybridge Electric comes with a double electric drive line. The Northman 1200 Electric with two e-motors ensures excellent boating performance! Moreover, the flybridge of the Northman 1200 is a perfect place for relaxation, enjoyment and excellent views.

Picture 7. Launch event of the X Shore 1 in the Netherlands In October we organised the launch of the X Shore 1 in the Netherlands. We were delighted that we could introduce the newest family member of X Shore. On the launch event, people could get acquainted with X Shore 1 and the big brother, the Eelex 8000. The 6,5 meter X Shore 1 was well received and with a top speed of 55 km/h and a sleeping cabin in the front, it is a very versatile and interesting electric boat for among others the Dutch waters.

X Shore 1 - Top

Picture 8. First look Maxus 34 Electric Wow! This year we could share with you the first look of the Maxus 34 Electric. In 2023 we will launch the Maxus 34 Electric at our yard. This sailing yacht has 3 cabins, a bathroom, a spacious cockpit and a kitchen with induction hob. Are you looking for a comfortable electric sailing yacht? The Maxus 34 Electric will provide everything you need for a pleasant stay on the water while having sportive sailing characteristics. We are very excited! Are you? You can plan your visit to our harbour in March 2023.

Maxus 34 Electric sailing yacht

Picture 9. Christmas wishes from team Natural Yachts We look back at a year in which we have achieved and accomplished wonderful things. Wishing everybody to do more of what you love best, being in nature, on the water, or with friends and family. We wish you the most happy Christmas holidays and all the best for 2023.

Many greetings from Team Natural Yachts.

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