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Year overview Natural Yachts | Best 9 of 2023

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For us 2023 was a very special year, we are delighted to share with you our best 9 of 2023. Every year we want to contribute even more to accelerate the transition driven by zero emission innovative technology. We are so thankful and happy to have you in our network as charter guests, customers, and partners to do so. 

Year overview Natural Yachts | Best 9 of 2023

Picture 1. Family company Natural Yachts moves to Marknesse / Vollenhove In the beginning of April 2023 the time had come, Natural Yachts, known for the charter and sales of 100% electric motorboats, sailboats and X Shore tenders, relocated. Due to its growth and ambition to welcome customers and guests in a natural environment befitting the look and feel of the all-electric yachts with innovative technology.

Picture 2. Start of the charter season from the Natural Harbour The charter season took off from the new location, the Natural Harbour. We were very happy to welcome the first guests in spring 2023 at our harbour in the natural surroundings. The harbour is located next to the Waterloopbos and looking over the Vollenhover kanaal.

Picture 3. Maxus 35 nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2024 The new Maxus 35 is nominated by the international jury as "European Yacht of the Year 2024". This makes the Maxus 35 one of the most interesting and promising newcomers in its class on the sailing yacht market. The versatile Maxus 35 Performance Cruiser has an innovative hull and impresses with its modern design.

Picture 4. Launch event of the Northman 1050 Trawler at the Natural Harbour At the the launch event of the Northman 1050 Trawler in the Netherlands, we could have a first look of the Northman 1050 Trawler. We were happy to finally invite you to have a ‘feel and touch’ with the long awaited 10 meter model of the Northman Shipyard.

Picture 5. Team Natural Yachts at the Dutch Boat Show – Hiswa te Water 2023 in Lelystad Natural Yachts presented 2 new models at the Dutch In Water Boat Show in Lelystad. The first being the X Shore 1 TOP production boat from X Shore with a moss green hull. The second new model, the Northman 1050 Trawler, from the Northman Shipyard also had its premiere at the Hiswa Boat Show. TIP: Next Boat Show where you can visit the X Shore 1 and the Northman 1050 Trawler is Boot Düsseldorf 2024. You can find the team of Natural Yachts in hall 1/A28.

Picture 6. First look of the Northman 1050 Trawler  The Northman 1050 Trawler is the midsized yacht between the Northman 1200 Electric and the Nexus Revo 870 Electric. With its 9,80 meters in length and 3,40 meters in width it can accommodate up to 4 persons very comfortably during the night. When organising a family dinner or when you are having some friends over, this yacht can turn into the perfect place for hosting, opening the doors to the aft-deck, enlarging the table and combining the sofa in the saloon with the cockpit sofa.

Picture 7. X Shore 1 TOP – Moss Green Boating on the Dutch waters with the X Shore 1. This new tender offers all the technology of the Eelex 8000 and has comparable performance thanks to its powerful 125 kW electric motor. The all-electric X Shore 1 is in its element in quiet cruising as well as fast boating and is very suitable for Dutch inland waterways due to its limited air draft and draft.

X Shore 1 Top Electric - high performance tender
X Shore 1 Top Electric

Picture 8. X Shore 1 awarded best of boats award for Best Electric 2023 Earlier this year the X Shore 1 received the Gold award of the German Design Award for excellent product design. Following this award, the X Shore 1 now received recognition with this European prize of Best of Boats for the Best Electric Boat 2023.

Picture 9. Team Natural Yachts - Wishing you all the best for 2024 We are happy and thankful to have you onboard our mission and wishing you all the best for 2024. We wish for everybody to do more of what you love and being in nature and on the water. Many greetings from Team Natural Yachts, Jurjen, Hylke, Josien and Sarah Poorting

Team Natural Yachts
Team Natural Yachts

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