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Year overview of Natural Yachts - our best nine of 2020

Bijgewerkt op: 29 nov. 2021

2020 was a different year for everybody. For us it started on Boot Düsseldorf where we presented the Nexus Revo 870 Convertible Electric and the Northman 1200 Flybridge. The charter season started a bit later as planned but we were able to welcome a lot of Dutch guests, some new to boating who could enjoy ‘a relaxing getaway’ with the yachts of Natural Yachts. Another highlight of 2020 for us was winning “the boat of the year - start-up award” a pleasant recognition for our family company. We continue to be innovative in 2021 as a brand new Northman 1200 has arrived in the Netherlands and will be equipped with an electric drive train and a fuel cell range extender to be independent of shore power in 2021.

Picture 1) Boot Düsseldorf January 2020 The year started for us on the Boot Düsseldorf boat show where we presented the Northman Nexus Revo 870 Electric and the première of the Northman 1200 Flybridge. Next to the yachts, Natural Yachts & Electric Ship Facilities presented the Natural Fuel Cell on the boat show in Germany with which the Northman yachts can boat independent of shore power.

Picture 2) Boot Holland February 2020 In February Natural Yachts & Electric Ship Facilities presented the Natural Fuel Cell on Boot Holland in Leeuwarden. The stand was situated on the Fossil Free Boating Square of Stichting elektrisch en fossielvrij varen Friesland.

Picture 3) Behind the scenes In spring we did different photoshoots with the Northman yachts, to be able to present you the yachts beautifully online as well. Our models in the photoshoots where the Northman 1200, the Nexus Revo 870 Convertible Electric, and the Maxus Evo 24.

Picture 4) Start charter season 2020 - Northman 1200 in Heeg The charter season started unfortunately later as planned. However, in May Natural Yachts could welcome its first charter guests of season 2020. Following the advice and regulations from the RIVM and our Branche organisation Hiswa, boating holidays could go through as a boating holiday in the Netherlands is a very safe option to get out of the house and to enjoy quality time with the family. On a boat you can socially distant yourself, stay in nature, cook onboard and be completely independent. We welcomed a lot of Dutch guests from which some were new to boating and have discovered a new way of enjoying the holidays.

Picture 5) Natural Yachts wins Start-up award The jury of the Boot of the Year awards from the Hiswa te water handed over “the Boot of the Year - Start-up Award 2020” to the team of Natural Yachts. The Jury unanimously choose Natural Yachts for the Start-up award. Stating e.g. “Natural Yachts is a sustainable, well thought-out start-up from which we can expect a lot in the future.”

Picture 6) Nexus Revo 870 Convertible Electric A 100% electric drive train and a 100% electric hotel function was installed at the Nexus Revo 870 Convertible Electric in 2020 as presented on the boat show in Düsseldorf. After the installation the boat was successfully chartered in season 2020 and we where happy to receive many positive feedback. One of our guests stated: “"Had a wonderful boating vacation in Friesland on the Nexus Revo 870. Silent and pleasant in use. Super friendly family of the Team Natural Yachts where service is of the utmost importance. We will definitely book here again.”

Picture 7) Maxus Evo 24 added to the experience fleet In 2020 we have also added the Maxus Evo 24 to our experience fleet. The Maxus Evo 24 was for charter at Hoora Watersport Heeg, to let guests experience this comfortable sailing yacht for a longer period.

Picture 8) Nominated for most sustainable company of the Netherlands. Natural Yachts & Electric Ship Facilities were nominated for most sustainable company of the Netherlands. Both companies were nominated to win this award. In the end we did not win the award, however, we are proud that we were selected for the nomination.

Picture 9) The Northman 1200 (electric & fuel cell powered) arrived in the Netherlands A brand new Northman 1200 arrived in the Netherlands. This Northman 1200 will be equipped with a powerful electric engine and a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell to be boat zero emission and independent of shore power. In the beginning of 2021 the new innovative technics will be installed in the new Northman 1200. After which we would like to invite you to experience this yacht, in our experience center in Heeg or through charter.

We wish you a pleasant new years eve and stay healthy!

Holiday greetings from Team Natural Yachts Hylke, Josien, Jurjen, & Sarah


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