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5 reasons why you should charter an electric yacht in Friesland

Bijgewerkt op: 29 nov. 2021

Enjoy time with each other and the nature in Friesland. We offer luxurious and comfortable electric boats for charter for a wonderful and sustainable vacation on the water!

1) Electric Boating Experience ‘What a fantastic experience’ is a sentence we often hear from our guests when they return their electric boat. With our electric boats you can boat quietly and environment friendly. The silence of our yachts make you enjoy the surroundings and the company around you even more. Do you wish to cruise all day? That's no problem, with the Nexus Revo 870 Electric you can cruise up to 6-12 hours a day before you need to recharge the batteries. Electric boating is becoming more and more popular. I’m sure you want to experience this.

2) Sustainable holiday Choosing for a climate-neutral holiday is probably not the first thing you think about when planning a vacation. Yet more and more people are considering more conscious and sustainable travel. One way to do this is to charter an electric yacht. With our 100 % electric Northman yachts you don't have to worry about the environmental impact.

3) Enjoy comfort & luxury What luxury can you expect on board? On board of our electric yachts, sustainability and luxury go hand in hand. The boats have a modern kitchen equipped with an electric fridge and an induction hob with which you can cook quickly and safely. You can make coffee and tea on board at any time. For colder days the yachts are equipped with heating. Conveniently, phones, tablets and/or laptops can always be charged. To wake up well rested and to create that ultimate hotel feeling we even go one step further. We exclusively use sustainably produced, luxury organic cotton bedding from SUITE702 to make the beds.

4) Financial benefits Electric boating has financial benefits. Recharging an electric boat is more cost effective than refuelling diesel. In addition, you do not have to look for special charging stations, as all harbours and municipal berths have a shore power supply. So you can charge the boat while visiting a village or town or at night while you sleep!

5) On vacation in the Netherlands Holland is perhaps the most beautiful from the water! Go on an adventure and boat on beautiful lakes and canals to and through the most charming cities and villages the Dutch waters have to offer! Our company is located in Heeg, Friesland. Heeg is an ideal starting point for a boating holiday due to its central location and its many easily accessible waterways to the rest of Friesland. We are happy to give you tips about nice boating routes. You can also charter our yachts for a longer period, so you can discover even more of the Netherlands!

Sustainable holidays are a good choice. With a 100% electric boat you can boat clean and without emissions. Besides taking care of the environment, you also get a closer encounter with nature. Electric boating provides relaxation and offers additional comfort on board, enjoy the peace and quiet!

Take a look at the charter fleet of Natural Yachts, we would like to welcome you for a wonderful and sustainable boating vacation. Besides charter, our electric boats are also for sale. If you are interested in a test sail, you are welcome in Heeg!

Please contact us by sending an email to: or or call: +31 515 227 017. We are happy to help and advise you! With kind regards, Josien - Team Natural Yachts


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