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Part 2 | The watersport province of the Netherlands, Friesland has it all

In the second part of 'Friesland has everything’ we discuss four new cities with plenty to see and do. These cities are all part of the Elfstedentocht. Did you know that Sneek is the second largest city in Friesland and you can visit the largest skating museum of the Netherlands in Hindeloopen? Be inspired and discover Frisian North!


Franeker is known as the old academy town of Friesland. Although it is no longer possible to study at the old university, the traces of science, art and culture can still be found all around. The oldest working planetarium in the world is located in the small house where the woolcomber Eise Eisinga lived. This accurate timepiece has been running since 1781 and the Frisian woolcomber has recreated our solar system down to the last millimeter; an impressive sight to see when you're in Franeker! There are also several museums such as the ‘Kaatsmuseum’, a famous sport in Friesland, and you can visit the theater 'De Koornbeurs' for theater and film.

Would you like to get to know the Frisian cities better, but do you also love the peace and quiet and nature? Then a boating holiday might be something for you! The best way to discover Friesland is by boat, but it becomes even more fun and also more sustainable with a luxurious and electric boat from Natural Yachts.


The second largest city in Friesland is Sneek. This bustling city has a fun shopping center and several nice restaurants with terraces. When walking through the city, a lap around Sneek's iconic water gate is also not to be missed. In addition, each year in the first week of August the event 'the Sneekweek' is organized, which for water sports enthusiasts is definitely worth a visit. This week is all about sailing races, skûtsjesilen, water sports, and music. In Sneek it is also easy to find a berth place for your boat right in the city, such as with the Nexus Revo 870 Electric, and explore the city.


In the southwest of Friesland on the IJsselmeer the small town of Hindeloopen is situated. This place was a rich trading town in the 17th and 18th centuries and much of the past is still preserved in the center of Hindeloopen. The old painting and traditional costumes of the city can be seen in the 'Hindeloopen Museum' and Hindeloopen also has the largest ice-skating museum in the Netherlands!


Bolsward is also a unique town. This beautiful city, built on three mounds, was once one of the two Frisian Hanseatic cities. Because of the international trade connections, the city experienced a great boom which is reflected in the richly decorated city hall. Another outstanding building is the ruin of the centuries-old Broerekerk that burned down in 1980. Fortunately, for some time now the ruins have been in use again as various concerts and other events are organized there every year. Lastly, Bolsward is known for the famous drink 'Sonnema Beerenburg' and if you are looking for some fun you can visit the distillery where this drink is made.

So far, the second list of cities in the province of Friesland. A new set of towns will soon be introduced, each with its own special and enjoyable characteristics! Are you already looking forward to a holiday in Friesland? Discover the charter possibilities via Natural Yachts


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