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"Committed to accelerating the transition driven by zero emission innovative technology"



Natural Yachts is situated in Marknesse - de Voorst and develops, sells, and has for charter state-of-the-art, luxurious and 100% electric motor- and sailing yachts.

These include the fully electric high performance tender 'the Eelex 8000', a luxurious 12 meter motor yacht 'the Northman 1200 Electric & Fuel Cell Powered' and a 9 meter motor yacht 'the Nexus Revo 870 Electric'. 

Global warming is having a major impact, leading to extreme weather conditions such as floods, forest fires and melting ice caps. Tourism is responsible for about 8% of global emissions. With its 100% electric charter fleet, Natural Yachts demonstrates that a sustainable tourism offering is not a thing of the future but a reality. The mission statement of the family business; 'To accelerate the transition to a sustainable water sport by applying zero emission innovative technology' indicates the company's level of ambition.


The boating holidays on electric boats offer the opportunity to introduce people to zero emission boating in an accessible way.

Triff das Team

Jurjen Poorting Team Natural Yachts


Hylke Poorting Team Natural Yachts


Josien Poorting Team Natural Yachts


Sarah Poorting Team Natural Yachts


die Yachten

Northman 1050 Trawler Electric
X Shore 1 - Top
X Shore 1 - Open
Eelex 8000 - X Shore
Northman 1200 Electric
Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop Electric 5_edited
Nexus Revo 870 Convertible Electric
Maxus Evo 24 sailing yacht
Maxus 26 Electric
Maxus 34 Sailing Yacht
Maxus 35 Sailing Yacht

Erleben Sie die Yachten in Marknesse - de Voorst. Um Ihren Besuch zu planen, klicken Sie auf diesen Link

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