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HISWA In Water Boatshow 2021 – 1 t/m 5 September - cancelled

Aktualisiert: 29. Nov. 2021

HISWA In Water Boatshow 2021 // Natural Yachts was going to be present at the Hiswa In Water Boatshow in Lelystad which is the largest in-water boatshow in Europe. Unfortunately, due to the regulations around Covid the boat show has been cancelled. However, we want to welcome you in Heeg for a personal visit to experience our yachts!

Visit us & learn more about the Northman 1200 Electric This luxurious 6 person all electric yacht, was going to be presented to you at the Hiswa te Water boatshow from 1 to 5 September. Now it is possible to plan your personal visit to explore the Northman 1200 Electric in our Experience Center in Heeg.

The Northman 1200 Electric features comfortable lounges, a spacious kitchen, 3 two-person cabins, and 2 bathrooms with each a toilet, sink and shower. This yacht highlights a modern design, a well-thought through interior with luxury finish, and comfort. You can choose your place to relax and unwind as the Northman 1200 features a spacious sundeck lounge on the rooftop, a bench at the front of the yacht and there is the sofa with movable backrest on the aft-deck.

100% electric boating stands for 100% enjoyment. The long range of the Northman 1200 Electric makes sure you can boat up to 140 km or boat for 12 hours. Are you ready to experience the power of tranquility?

Key specifications: the Northman 1200 Electric has a length of 12,26 m, a width of 3,50 m and a draft of 0,70 m.

Throwback to 2020: Natural Yachts won Boat of the Year - Start-up award Lats year, the Boat of the Year – Start-up award was handed over to Natural Yachts by the jury of the of the Hiswa te Water. The team of Natural Yachts is still very honoured and proud of the Boat of the Year award and won this price due to their mission to enable boating without environmental impact and by offering and chartering the 100% electric yachts.

Electric Ship Facilities & Green Shipping Waddenzee The Northman 1200 Electric is prepared to install a zero-emission range extender by Electric Ship Facilities, the system integrator of Natural Yachts, within the project Green Shipping Waddenzee. When the regulations are in place a methanol based fuel cell will be installed in the Northman 1200 Electric making this 100% electric yacht independent of shorepower.

Why Methanol? Green Methanol is already abundantly available, can be stored in a normal tank onboard, and it does not need a new and costly tank infrastructure. Methanol can be ordered online and can be delivered where you need it. Would you like to know more about a range extender for the Northman 1200, please visit /

Discover the power of electric boating Everyone is familiar with the common advantages of electric boating, like enjoying the peace and quiet during you boating trip. However, electric boating is also more user friendly, easier to manoeuvre, and there is (almost) no maintenance.

Personal visit Nortman 1200 Electric / Nexus Revo 870 Electric | from 3 September onwards You are very welcome to visit us in Heeg, where you can visit the Northman 1200 Electric and the Nexus Revo 870 Electric. Please subscribe here for a personal visit.

We are very much looking forward to show you the Northman 1200 Electric and the Nexus Revo 870 Electric and tell you more about 100% electric boating, our zero-emission range extender - the methanol based fuel cell, and the possibilities of our other electric yachts.

Do we see you soon? Kind regards, Team Natural Yachts


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