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Natural News: Festival duurzame mobiliteit | Natuurtop 2019 | Klimaattop Noord nederland

Aktualisiert: 13. Juni 2023

What are you doing in October? We, Natural Yachts & Electric Ship Facilities, can be found at; Festival Duurzame Mobiliteit, Natuurtop 2019 (nature summit), & Klimaattop Noord Nederland (climate summit). We would like to tell you about Methanol's role in the energy transition and how to sail zero emission and independent of shore power.

At these sustainability events, we present: 'Methanol mix/makes you independent | From maritime to a mobile transition'.

"The potential of methanol for the energy transition is high. We are pleased to tell you about the advantages/disadvantages of this application that can have a direct effect on mobile and stationary application areas. We offer a practical solution for a maritime zero emission application independent of shore power. The application of Methanol as an energy carrier in combination with a proven Fuel Cell - based on Methanol - and the availability of green Methanol in the Netherlands makes it a realistic business case. We make the technology tangible so that people can experience it for themselves in recreational and small commercial vessels up to 20 meters. In the next phase, sets for mobile and facility applications will be offered.

Made you curious? Visit us at:

Festival Duurzame Mobiliteit,

Amersfoort | 1st of October 11.00 – 19.30

With the slogan 'Move on up' is this a very promising event. There are many developments in the field of sustainable mobility, but the question is, what is already possible and what can we learn from this? Electric Ship Facilities & Natural Yachts will give an interactive workshop @wachtkamer 4, 14.15 - 15.00 and we will present our showcase in the ‘rijtuigenloods’!

Watch the aftermovie Festival Duurzame Mobiliteit by Natural Yachts:

Natuurtop 2019 "nature gives (you) energy".

Groningen | 2nd of October 9.30 - 16.30

With the theme 'Nature gives ( you) energy' this summit will be interesting. The 'Natuurtop' revolves around natural area-specific initiatives that contribute to the broad social issues concerning agriculture and climate, with nature as a connecting factor; initiatives that provide and can use energy. You can find us on the inspiration square. The day is organized by the interprovincial consultation, the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate and Food Quality and is hosted by the Province of Groningen.

Klimaattop Noord Nederland

Groningen | 31st of October 09.00 - 18.00

The 'Klimaattop Noord Nederland' will be organised for the second time. This climate summit will bring together 3 provinces, 100 initiatives and 1000 participants, all of whom will contribute to climate neutrality in 2050. It promises to be a day full of energy, inspiration and action as sitting still is not an option. It will show that in the region there are plenty of steps being taken in the energy transition. We, Electric Ship Facilities & Natural Yachts, have a stand on the 1st floor.

Click here for more information about the Klimaattop Noord Nederland.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Take a look at Natural Yachts or Electric Ship Facilities. Or contact us at:

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