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Natural News // Maxus Evo 24 in the Netherlands

Aktualisiert: 13. Juni 2023

The Maxus Evo 24 is in the Netherlands! Have you always wanted to experience the Maxus Evo 24 yourself, that's possible, plan your visit, we would love to welcome you in our harbour in Marknesse / Vollenhove. The Maxus Evo 24 is an all-round sailboat; comfort on board, standing height in the cabin, spaciousness, mast-lowering system to lower the mast independently, and this sailboat is easy to transport on a trailer. The Maxus Evo 24 sailboat is for sale and for charter.

Maxus Evo 24 sailing yacht

Experience the Maxus Evo 24 The Maxus Evo 24 will be added to our experience center. Here you can visit the Maxus Evo 24 or plan a test sail. At our office we can advise you about colours, materials and the different propulsion systems. Plan your visit here.

Charter the Maxus Evo 24 in Friesland Sailing in Friesland with the Maxus Evo 24? That's possible! The Maxus Evo 24 is for charter at Natural Yachts. A new Maxus Evo 24 is now added to the charter fleet. Would you like to experience the Maxus Evo 24 for a longer period of time? When you charter this sailing boat you can discover and experience everything for yourself. Afterwards we can discuss all possibilities of the Maxus Evo 24 with you.

The interior of the Maxus Evo 24 The moment you step inside, you experience its spaciousness. The well thought-through design of the Maxus Evo 24 offers a lot of comfort. Next to the standing height in the cabin, the sailboat features 4 fixed berths, a spacious table with comfortable sofas, a toilet cabin with sink and an optional shower. The Maxus Evo 24 also has a kitchen with cooking plate, sink, and plenty of storage space, optionally there is a refrigerator available. All these features makes the Maxus Evo 24 ideal as a day sailor, weekender or tour sailor. Would you like to get an impression? Watch the walkaround video of the Maxus Evo 24.

Technical Information The Maxus Evo 24 has different keel options; a swing keel (0.32 /1.35), a fixed keel (1.05 m or 1.40 m), or twin keels (1.20 m). In addition to the jib and mainsail, additional sails are also an option, such as a spinnaker or genaker.

A great feature of the Maxus Evo 24 is that it offers a lot of freedom as the Maxus Evo 24 is easy to transport on a trailer, it is always possible to discover a new sailing area. In addition, it is also very easy to lower the mast through the mast-lowering system.

Length overall: 8.25 m Width: 2.55 m Hull material: Polyester Cabin height: 1.88 m Berths: 4 + 2

Standard equipped with swing keel: Draft (min/max): 0.32 / 1.35 CE category C Weight: 1950 kg Weight of the keels: 80 kg Inside ballast: 500 kg Mast height: 9.5 m

Propulsion: You can choose to add even more comfort to the yacht by powering it electrically. This allows you to enjoy the constant sailing experience by sailing quietly and without the smell of exhaust fumes, even when sailing on the engine.

Of course it is also possible to deliver the yacht with an outboard engine, we will be happy to inform and advise you about the possibilities.

Would you like to know more about the Maxus Evo 24? You can request the specification and option list with prices by sending an e-mail to: Or take a look at our website:


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