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Electric Sloop Blackfish Marine 660

Pre-owned 2011



This spacious and sturdy sloop is suitable for everyone. It boats easily, is stable and very well suited for a comfortable trip with electric propulsion and good seating with sufficient back support. The sloop also has a luxury steering console with steering wheel, plenty of storage space, a swimming platform, and is equipped with a black (low-maintenance) kabelaring all around.

This luxurious sloop has recently been equipped with a new drive train, a Torqeedo electric motor with an output of 4kW, and a new battery pack (July 2020) of 18kW c5. The battery pack is charged by a reliable Mastervolt battery charger.

Wide range! The battery pack makes it possible to sail for 5 hours (almost full throttle) and in practice, you can easily sail for up to 9 hours! The sloop has a consumption of 2 kW per hour at 8 km/h. A trip of 70 km is, therefore, no problem!

The choice for aluminum when building the sloop has many advantages. The sloop is practically maintenance-free and completely recyclable. The sloop is self-bailing (with shut-off valve) so rainwater is drained. This means that the sloop does not need to be covered after a sailing trip and you have no hassle with covers.


Jurjen & Hylke



6,60 m


2,50 m


0,40 m





Engine type

Torqeedo e-drive 4 kW

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