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Boating Route Frisian Lake District

Bijgewerkt op: 12 jul. 2022

Boating route through the Frisian lake district: Heeg - Oudega - Woudsend - Sloten - Lemmer -Langweer - Terherne - Grou - Akkrum - Heeg.

A very nice boating route for one week cruising through the Frisian Lake district. If you enjoy a varied environment this boating trip is something for you; from relaxing in nature to visiting nice villages or towns. We, Josien and Sarah, from team Natural Yachts, would like to help you preparing your boating holiday. During check-in we will also be happy to discuss the possible routes with you while taking the weather forecast into account. We hope this blog will give you an idea of what is possible when you charter a yacht for a week at Natural Yachts.

Day 1 (Friday or Monday): Welcome in Heeg - Heegermeer

Heeg is centrally located in the Frisian lake district, an ideal starting point for your boating holiday. From our harbour you are not dependent of opening hours of bridges or locks. From here you can choose where you want to go, we will give you an idea in this blog.

Depending on the time of departure, you can choose to stay in Heeg for the first night and look for a spot on/around the Heegermeer or sail in the direction of Oudegaasterbrekken.

Facilities Heeg: water sport shop, (clothing) shops, restaurants, snack bar, supermarket, bakery, pharmacy, harbour.

Day 2 (Saturday or Tuesday): Oudega - Small cosy village with many beautiful mooring places in nature.

Arrival Oudegaasterbrekken. Here are several Marrekrite locations with berths or Marboei-Buys to moore in nature. You can also look for a berth place in the village of Oudega, please note that Oudega has a limited number of berths, which means that it will be quickly full in summer.

Facilities Oudega: restaurants, snackbar, harbour.

Day 3 (Sunday or Wednesday); Woudsend – watersport city

Woudsend is situated between two lakes and is an idyllic water sports village with cosy restaurants next to the waterside. In Woudsend you can discover the charm of the past, the restored buildings, narrow alleys with lovely views. The two windmills of Woudsend characterise the village landscape. Molen t' Lam, the oldest corn mill in Friesland, still grinds corn and grain according to traditional methods. There is also a small shop where you can buy various mixes for example bread, apple pie and pancakes.

Northman 1200 in Woudsend

In Woudsend it is best to look for a berth in the harbour before the bridge. There are special berths for an overnight stay or for a short stay, if you just want to do some shopping, for example.

Facilities Woudsend; restaurants, supermarket, snackbar, harbour.

Sloten – small fortified city

If you want to visit Sloten you will find beautiful moorings before you enter Sloten (from Woudsend) or you can find a harbour when you leave the city. From these moorings it is only a short walk to the city. You can also choose to look for a spot at a Marboei-Buoy on the Slotermeer.

Facilities Sloten: restaurants, supermarkt, snackbar, bakery.

Day 4 (Monday or Thursday): Lemmer – old fishermen town, beach, Woudagemaal

If you leave Sloten, you can go via the Brandemeertje to the Grote Brekken and then boat to Lemmer. In Lemmer it can sometimes be difficult to find a berth. We therefore advise you to look for a place to moor before passing through the bridges of Lemmer. From here you can reach Lemmer in a minute. However, if you like it is also possible to moor your boat right in vibrant city centre.

Facilities Lemmer: watersport shops , (clothing) shops, restaurants, snackbar, supermarket, bakery, buthcer, harbour, musea, market.

Day 5 (Tuesday or Friday: Langweer – charming and picturesque

From Lemmer you can cruise via the Grote Brekken in the direction of Langweer. Langweer is a cosy village where you can go shopping or have a drink or eat something.

Facilities Langweer: restaurants, snackbar, supermarket, bakery, butcher.

Terherne – Kameleon city Terherne is also called the Kameloen (Chameleon) village. In this village they recreated the kameleon village of Hielke and Sietse (based on the famous children’s books). You can do all kinds of activities. From a Chameleon 'escape room', to a cruise in the ‘praam’ pushed by the Kameleon boat, there is also an adventure island for children.

Facilities: restaurants, snackbar, supermarket, harbour.

Day 6 (Wednesday or Saturday): Grou – the watersport village in central Friesland Grou is a characteristic village with a charming centre with old-fashioned cosy shops and nice terraces. Grou is located in the heart of Friesland at the Pikmeer lake.

Facilities: restaurants, snackbar, supermarket, harbour, shops.

Day 7 (Thursday or Sunday) Akkrum – a vibrant water sports village

Akkrum is situated on the Turfroute, it is a nice place with unique shops, restaurants and cosy cafés. The village is known for its sporting events such as the open Frisian championship 'slingeraap' (rope swinging) and the Frisian championship mast climbing.

Facilities: restaurants, supermarket, bakery, buthcher, watersport shop, snackbar.

Day 8 (Friday or Monday): Heeg – we love to welcome you again!

It is possible to moor in our harbour for your last night or you can cruise back from a berth place in the surroundings of Heeg to our harbour for the check out.

There is so much to discover in Friesland, the many lakes and the water sports places provide a nice variety in your boating holiday. The great thing about Friesland is that all waterways are well connected with each other.

Would you like to read more about Friesland or the Marrekrite moorings? Here you can find more information about boating in Friesland. Are you curious what extras you can book to make your boating holiday even more fun. Click here to see what you can book.

Do you have a question about this boating route or would you like to know more about chartering the Northman 1200 or the Nexus Revo 870 Electric? You can contact us by calling +31 515 227 017 or you can send an email to:

Kind regards, Josien en Sarah

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