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your relaxing getaway in Friesland

Fryslân offers endless possibilities! Choose to sail through the quiet waterways across waving reeds or sail right through the buzzing heart of Frisian cities! Inland waterways not exciting enough? Take your yacht out on the open waters of the IJsselmeer or explore the unique UNESCO world heritage sites of the Wadden sea. Click below to find out more!

Endless Sailing Routes

Endless Sailing Routes

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Sailing in the heart of the Frisian cities

Surrounded by natural beauty

Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Fryslân in Lonely planet top 3

Lonely Planet
Sailing in Friesland

On the raking of the top 10 places to visit in Europe form the Lonely Planet travel guide, Friesland ended up on the third place! Lonely Planet named Friesland the hidden gem.


The guide praises the Frisian lakes, the beguiling landscapes, and the peaceful islands in the Wadden Sea. From which they think is "a perfect spot to escape amid sand, dunes, long beaches and tidal flats." 


- Lonely Planet 2018

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endless sailing routes

Nature in Friesland


Frisian waterways are known for the way they are connected. From the Frisian lakes to the large IJsselmeer to the Wadden Sea. The possibilities are endless! The choice is up to you, whether you are looking for a quiet getaway through nature, vibrant city life or looking to discover the wildlife of the Frisian cultural heritage, the Wadden Sea. Chartering a yacht from Natural Yacht Charter gives you complete freedom.

Nature in Friesland


Friesland is a water-rich province, extra special is that all cities are well connected with all the waterways. Next, to be easily accessible, all cities have abundant space for you to moor your yacht in the city center. From there you can not only explore the idyllic Frisian cities but also stock in groceries or even go for some shopping…

The eleven cities of Friesland

The eleven cities of Fryslân

Friesland is famous for its 'eleven cities', due to the 200km 'eleven city ice skating tour' which is planned every year but only takes place when the ice allows it. Each ice skater had to get a stamp in each city as proof that they were there.


Now you have another purpose to visit each town, as for the Leeuwarden cultural capital 2018, artists from all over the world have created a fountain in each city matching the city characteristics. Have you seen them all?


In this item, we would like to draw your attention to a Frisian city which is close to our hearts or has something special to share with you...

Frisian village Heeg city center


Heeg is the ideal starting point of your holiday as it is situated alongside the Heegermeer, the largest Frisian lake. From there all waterways -to see more of Friesland, the IJsselmeer, or The Wadden Sea- are well connected. 


Heeg itself is a small town that is known for its watersports but has everything at hand. From watersports shops, grocery stores, to bakeries. On the Heegermeer lake, you can find multiple small islands where you can moor and enjoy nature in its purity. 

Sailing in Heeg Friesland
Nature in Friesland

Nature experience

With the yachts of Natural Yacht Charter, you can enjoy nature in its purity. You can hear the birds flying over, hear the sound of the wind while breathing in fresh air.

Berth places in nature in Friesland

Berth Places in nature

Friesland gives you a lot of options to moor nature as there are a lot of scaffoldings on the most tranquil places.  


Nature in Friesland has a lot of diversity, from the lakes with the waving reeds to the meadows with the galloping horses, and the wide lakes with the idyllic villages on the horizon



Marrekrite bordje, natuurlijk afmeren in Friesland

The Marrekrite is an organization which provides berth places in nature, on the water with a so-called Mar-Buoy (which you can recognize by the blue-and-yellow colors) and on land or by a scaffolding. You can moor your yacht for a maximum of three nights at a Marrekrite berth place. and at the Mar-Buoy for a maximum of 24 hours. When you have the possibility to go on land, Marrekrite provides trash containers as well. 

Your yacht is equipped with a Marrekriteflag. This allows you to make use of Friesland berths free of charge.

Marrekrite aanlegplaats aan Marboei
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