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X Shore 1 awarded Best of Boats award for Best Electric 2023

We are happy to announce that the X Shore 1 has received the Best of Boats award 2023 in the category Best Electric 2023. The Best of Boats award is the largest annual award for motorboats in Europe and is focused on the boaters point of view.

X Shore 1 awarded Best of Boats award - Best Electric 2023

X Shore 1 receives recognition Earlier this year the X Shore 1 received the Gold award of the German Design Award for excellent product design. Following this award, the X Shore 1 now received recognition with this European prize of Best of Boats for the Best Electric Boat 2023.

Versatile high performance electric boat We understand of course why the X Shore 1 received this prize. The X Shore 1 is a versatile electric boat which can accelerate in seconds to high speeds. It offers comfortable captain’s chairs and lounges. While at the same time accommodating two persons for an overnight stay in nature. As the X Shore 1 is an electric boat, not only can this boat comfortable boat at high speeds, also while cruising through beautiful nature reserves at cruising speed, this boat is a great performer.

Next to the Scandinavian design, which has been rewarded earlier this year, X Shore has thought of the practical usage of the boat. For example, the cockpit table can easily be stored under the bed mattrasses. The bed matrasses fit also exactly on the front deck to create another lounge. With the hook specially for wake boarding and water skiing, this boat also bears in mind the sporty water sports enthusiasts. There are many more smart design features which you can find on this electric boat.

X Shore 1 awarded Best of Boats award - Best Electric 2023

Unique appearance The X Shore 1 has an eye catching design and due to the use of sustainable materials also offers the luxury feel and touch when you enter this boat. The big navigation screen, the steering wheel with buttons like in your car, the deck lights from the stairs to the front deck, and last but not least the sustainable cork deck makes this boat definitely unique.

Curious to find our more? Visit our experience center to have a ‘feel and touch’ with the X Shore 1. Would you like to experience this electric high performance boat for a longer period. It is also possible to charter the X Shore 1 for an XL-weekend.

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