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X Shore 1

electric day cruiser with the power of silence

*European Powerboat of the year 2024*

Planing | 125 kW e-motor| 93 km range | 55 kmh top speed | 37 kmh cruising speed
From €109.000 excl. VAT & Excl. transport


Silent and environment-conscious boating with the X Shore 1

The X Shore 1 is a 100% electric tender for a wonderful day (or night) on the water. The 125 kW electric motor is powered by a 63 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The X Shore 1 has a range of 93 kilometres at lower speeds and can reach a top speed of 55 km/h. Enjoy electric and emission-free boating with surprisingly fast acceleration!

Charging the X Shore 1 from 20-80% can be done in just 1.5 hours with a 22.5 kW charger, fast charging is possible in 50 minutes with a 45 kW charger. In addition, a 7 kW charger will just take over 4 hours.

The X Shore 1 has similar connectivity and technology to the fast and all-electric Eelex 8000, allowing you to easily receive updates on the boat's charging status and location via the X Shore app or captain's watch. Moreover, this electric tender features man over board detection and your range can be conveniently monitored at any time.

Stylish and Scandinavian

The elegant X Shore 1 is available in 2 models, an open version and a top version. Both 6.5-metre models feature a front cabin where you can spend the night. The Scandinavian design of both the X Shore 1 and the Eelex 8000 is modern, stylish and timeless. You will appreciate the sustainable materials and high-quality finishing. The X Shore 1 is standard delivered with comfort and fully equipped.

Electric boating in the Netherlands & surroundings

The 100% electric propulsion system in combination with the low impact materials guarantee the X Shore boats have a minimal carbon footprint. The deck surface is covered in cork, a material that is both lightweight and sustainable.


Enjoy the comfort of zero emission boating while protecting mother nature. Join us in what we believe is the future of boating – a clean, silent, fume free experience to explore some of the most beautiful places nature has to offer.

Discover the new X Shore 1 | Enjoy silent, emission-free and fast boating

Gallery X Shore 1

X Shore 1 - Open

X Shore 1 - Top

General Information X Shore 1

General information


6,5 m




0,65 m 


1700 kg

Air draft

Open: 1,66 m / Top: 2,19 m

Top speed

Up to 55 kmh

Cruising speed

37 kmh



Adventures to the next level

Core features X Shore 1

Discover the core features of the X Shore1


The X Shore 1 has a multitude of core features that make it the ideal vessel for a day (or night) on the water:

  • open transom with built-in swim platform.

  • rail furniture option with central passage

  • generous deck for sunbathing and leisure

  • navigation lights

  • cantilevered roof

  • retractable sun awning and water sport capabilities

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X Shore 1 high performance electric tender

X Shore 1 | 100% Electric

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