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First zero-emission line Northman Yachts by Natural Yachts

Aktualisiert: 13. Juni 2023

Out of passion and expertise, our watersports family business has been established. Together, as two sisters a brother and a father, each with our own expertise, we are committed in creating and accelerating the transition to sustainable and clean watersports for all. Did we plan this 10 years ago? We did not. Having all followed our own path, the enormous passion for watersports, sustainability and hospitality have brought us together on this journey. In combination with our background with over 10 years of experience in the sustainable drive technology we are now successfully running our family business.

With great enthusiasm and after several years of thorough preparation, a new step is now being made public by our family, with the presentation of a complete line of electric powered sail- and motor yachts. The yachts are equipped with state-of-theart technology and are launched under the company name Natural Yachts. The efficient design of the yachts and the technology result in more comfort on board and the ability to cover long distances of sailing without emissions. The yachts have the possibility to produce enough green power by means of a Fuel Cell (range extender) which makes you independent of shore power.

Why do we think a sustainable consideration is important in the watersport industry? We want to inspire others with our passion for water sports while creating a better world. In addition, people can now optimally enjoy boating in clean wind, without the noise of an engine and enjoy the freedom from sailing. The concept of Natural Yachts makes comfortable and clean boating accessible.

Next to this it’s a solid investment either privately or when applied in our buy and charter concept. As a young and dedicated team we would like to excite a large group of people and offer them the opportunity to experience electric boating. Therefore, we offer the possibility to charter this comfortable line of electric yachts. With great pleasure and personal attention, guests are welcomed for a relaxing and sustainable boating holiday.


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