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Maxus sailing yachts

Maxus Evo 24 Sailing Yacht

Maxus Evo 24

In short:

  • 8,25 L x 2,55 W meters

  • Swingkeel 0,32 / 1,35 m draft

  • 100% electric / outboard engine

  • up to 4 persons

From € 37.384 excl. VAT & transport
Maxus 26 Electric 9_edited_edited.jpg

Maxus 26

In short:

  • 8,40 L x 2,82 W meters 

  • Swingkeel 0,35 m / 1,43 draft

  • 100% electric / outboard 

  • up to 4 persons

From € 43.077 excl. VAT & transport
Maxus 34 Sailing Yacht

Maxus 34 Electric

In short:

  • 9,95 L x 3,40 W meters

  • Swingkeel 0,47 / 1,75 draft

  • 100% electric

  • 6 to 8 persons

From € 115.570 excl. VAT & transport

Maxus Sailing yachts blogs

Maxus Evo 24 exterior mood video by Natural Yachts .jpg

The Maxus Evo 24, a sailing boat for the entire family

Do you have plans to sail with family or friends? The Maxus Evo will meet your wishes if you are looking for a sporty sailing boat with a lot of comfort on board. The Maxus Evo 24 features 2 cabins, a kitchen, a bathroom cabin, a cockpit table and comfortable seating with good back support.

For a 24-foot sailing boat, this sailing boat offers a lot of comfort to enjoy a relaxing stay on the water.

Maxus 34 Sailing Yacht

First look: Maxus 34 Electric – new Northman flagship

The new Maxus 34 Electric sailing yacht is the latest model of the line Maxus Sailing Yachts from the Northman Shipyard. A spacious interior, abundant light inside, a double roof hiding most of the ropes, two steering wheels, and intriguing modern hull lines are the first elements that capture your attention.

The Maxus 34 Electric is in cooperation with Electric Ship Facilities, the sister company of Natural Yachts, equipped with a 100% electric drive train and energy system.

Maxus Sailing yachts

Discover our line Maxus Sailing Yachts from the Northman Shipyard. The thought-through details and the smart design makes sure, you experience spaciousness directly when you enter. You can choose to power your Maxus sailing yacht 100% electric. The Maxus sailing boats are known for their comfort, standing height, sportive sailing characteristics and suitable for a wide sailing area due to the swingkeel and mast lowering system. The Maxus Evo 24 can be transported on a trailer

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