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The ultimate water sports holiday; boating & stand up paddling

Aktualisiert: 13. Juni 2023

Charter a motor yacht with Natural Yachts in Marknesse / Vollenhove near Friesland and enjoy yourself on the water. That sounds good, but it can be even better! If you are sporty, adventurous and above all want to have even more fun on the water, then renting a SUP board is a great addition for a wonderful holiday on the water. And the good news is it is now possible to book a SUP board with your boating holiday at Natural Yachts.

Rent a stand up paddle board with your boating holiday

What is Stand Up Paddling and what do you need? Stand Up paddling is moving yourself over the water surface while standing on a board with a long paddle. "All you need to practice the SUP sport is a board, a pump to inflate the board and a paddle" says Frank Hettinga of Easy SUP store, the number 1 specialised sup shop in the Netherlands, in Heeg.

Rent a sup board as an addition to your boating holiday in Friesland After a wonderful day of sailing you moor at a beautiful spot in Friesland. After enjoying a nice cold drink from the fridge it's time to explore the area further on the SUP. "There are a lot of nice routes which you can't discover with a motor yacht, but you can discover with a sup. In addition to being sporty, you enjoy even more of Friesland", says Hettinga. The SUP boards are inflatable and that's a big plus if you go supping from the boat. You can't make any damage and the SUP's are easy to store again.

Rent a stand up paddle board with your boating holiday in Friesland

Fastest growing water sports Stand Up Paddling is extremely popular because it is an accessible and fun way to exercise. This is the reason why it is currently the fastest growing water sport in our country.

Charter a boat + rent a SUP Are you excited about a boating holiday in Friesland and would you like to charter a motorboat and rent a sup at Natural Yachts? The Nexus Revo 870 is an electrically powered boat for 4 persons and is equipped with a convertible top. Check here for the availability of the Nexus Revo 870, it is still possible to book. And of course don't forget to add a sup to your booking.

You can book a Stand Up Paddle board for: 1 SUP board for 1 week € 85, 1 SUP board for 2 weeks € 150, - 2 SUP boards for 1 week € 150. For all the extra options from Natural Yachts have a look on the booking information page.

Did you already book the Nexus Revo 870 (4 person boat) or the Northman 1200 (6 person yacht)? Book your SUP board quickly, to make sure you will have the best time on the water in Friesland this summer, please send an email to:

If you have a question about our charter yachts please contact me by calling: +31(0)0515 227 017 or send an e-mail to

Hope to see you soon in Heeg! Best regards, Josien - Team Natural Yachts


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