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Boating route Súdwest Friesland: From charming villages to quiet and endless Frisian lakes

Aktualisiert: 29. Nov. 2021

From Heeg you can explore Friesland from the water in all directions. The inland tour of Friesland: Departure in Heeg, via Langweer, to Lemmer and via Sloten back to Heeg. This trip can be done in one day, but it is even more fun to plan several days for this route. That way you have all the time to discover the charming towns and to relax.

Boating Route Friesland: Heeg, Langweer, Lemmer, Sloten, Balk, Heeg

Black arrow: route. Green star: MarBoei anchorages. Red dot: location with Marrekrite moorings. Blue square: multiple locations with Marrekrite moorings. Read more about the Marrekrite moorings here.

Tour boating: from Heeg to Lemmer and back via Sloten

From Heeg you go over the Johan Frisokanaal / Jeltesloot to the Prinses Margriet Canal. Here you go to starboard (right). Keep an eye on the barges by keeping starboard. Do you feel like visiting another Frisian town? It is also possible to cross the canal and go to Langweer via the Janesloot. Otherwise, you can sail in a straight direction to Lemmer.

From Lemmer you go to starboard at the end of the Zijlroede, a short distance on the Prinses Margrietkanaal and the Groote Brekken. Almost at the end, when you have the bridge of Spannenburg straight ahead of you, you go to portside (left) into the Rijnsloot, which is followed by the Kromme Ee and the Woudsloot. At the end you go to starboard into the Boomsvaart and then Sloten is already in sight.

"Tip: After the Kromme Ee and before you boat into the Woudsloot you will find yourself at the Brandermeertje, this is a lovely spot to 'anchor' at the Mar buoys of Marrekrite or at the Marrekrite moorings. An ideal place to unwind, have a nice swim or go supping."

If you boat towards Sloten you can moor on port side at the Marrekrite moorings, from there it is about a 10-15 minute walk to the town.

Or you can moor on portside in front of the mill, a beautiful place, but often busy. If you have not found a mooring you can also first go through the bridge and then moor on port side in the harbor. Note that there are special berths in the harbor for passers-by and if you want to stay overnight.

"Did you know: Sloten, with its 800 inhabitants, is the smallest town of the Frisian Eleven Cities. A cozy town with a compact car-free city center (with protected cityscape), which is dominated by monumental merchant houses with beautiful neck and stepped gables. The pavement consists of boulders and along the waterfront there are linden trees which make it a picturesque scene."

"What to do in Sloten: The monumental Stedhus Sleat is located in the former town hall of Sloten, built between 1759 and 1761. This museum is definitely worth a visit. It tells the history of this pearl of the Frisian Eleven Cities, but you will also find a collection of magic lanterns that are worth seeing."

If you follow the waterway from Sloten you will end up on the Slotermeer. Do you feel like a detour? Then navigate via the boating channel keeping portside towards the direction of Balk. Otherwise, go straight ahead via the boating channel to Woudsend. Woudsend is a picturesque village that is also worth visiting. The mill, church and gable houses are typical for this place.

In Woudsend you come across the last bridge of this route after which you arrive after a stretch of Heegermeer back in Heeg.

“Did you know that: Heeg used to enjoy great fame because of the international eel trade. From 1731 until the 1930s eel barges sailed to and from London. That the English embraced the Frisian eel is shown by the fact that the eel ships were the only ones allowed to moor for free at the Dutch Mooring at the Tower Bridge."

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