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Lemmer - and what you can't miss during your visit to Friesland

Aktualisiert: 13. Juni 2023

Lemmer, was already recognized in 1288 under the name 'Lenna' but was established in the 13th century under the name Lemmer. At the time a growing settlement for merchants and craftsmen, now an appealing place for (maritime) tourists.

Versatile Lemmer Lemmer has always been a fishing village and is also called the 'gate of Friesland'. This village certainly deserves this name, with a vibrant maritime centre full of historic buildings, cosy shops and terraces at the water's edge. In addition, it is well connected to all waterways so that you can go in any direction with your boat. Last but not least, Lemmer also has a beach with a beach club where you can enjoy a bite to eat and a drink while looking out over the IJsselmeer. Fishery Days Fishery played an important role in Lemmer from 1800 onwards. With its fleet of 146 ships, Lemmer was even one of the most important fishing villages in the Netherlands in 1900. This craft is revived once a year during the fishing days in Lemmer. There is a diverse program to experience, from a fleet show to fish smoking and music spectacles. For the current program and dates, click here.

LE 50 | Fishermen's barge | Boat trip If you are not during the fishery days in Lemmer, but you would like to experience this unique part of history. The Lemmer 50 Foundation has an original fishing barge in the centre of Lemmer. This is rented with skipper for groups, max. 12 people. Or can be planned individually on the Friday afternoon with a departure at 13.00 and 15.30. Costs are € 15 per adult and € 8 per child (5 to 10 years) € 2.50 per child up to 4 years. Click here for more information and reservations.

UNESCO World Heritage D.F. Woudagemaal is the largest working steam pumping station in the world and is therefore on the UNESCO world heritage list. The Wouda pumping station was opened in 1920 by Queen Wilhelmina and was used to pump out the surplus water in Friesland into the Zuiderzee, which is now the IJsselmeer. At extremely high tide, the steam pumping station is still in operation. For more information or a visit, click here for tickets and opening hours.

Would you like to visit Lemmer with your own boat? Have a look at the charter fleet of Natural Yachts.

Or discover our boating route 'Boating route Southwest Friesland' which route will bring you with your rented boat to Lemmer.


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