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Zuidwest Friesland Vaarroute

South-west Friesland boating route

Natural Yachts - Blokzijl - Ossenzijl - Lemmer - Sloten - Woudsend - Workum - Bolsward - Sneek - Echtenerbrug - Vollenhove - Natural Yachts


Recommended for

X Shore 1, Nexus Revo 870 Electric, Northman 1200 Electric, Maxus 24 Electric & Maxus 34 Electric



During your boating holiday, take into account the weather, it is useful to check the weather forecast every day.

Boating experience

This boating route is suitable for a boat crew with boating experience.

"Lemmer is one of Friesland's most well-known water sports villages because it is situated on both the IJsselmeer and the Frisian lakes!"

South-west Friesland boating route

Day 1: Check-in day

Day 2: Ossenzijl

Day 3: Lemmer

Day 4: Sloten, Woudsend, Workum

Day 5: Bolsward, Sneek

Day 6: Echtenerbrug

Day 7: Vollenhove

Day 8: Check-out day

Welcome to Natural Yachts' sustainable harbour – Blokzijl
Natural Yachts' harbour is centrally located in the Netherlands, from where you can easily navigate to the Frisian lakes! Via a scenic route through National Park Weerribben-Wieden, you boat to the water sports province Friesland. This route can be completed in a week and is dedicated to South-West Friesland. It includes a cruise to the fortified town Sloten, cultural Workum, Hanseatic town Bolsward and vibrant Sneek, which are all part of the famous Eleven Frisian cities.


With the South-west Friesland boating route, we hope to inspire you for a boating holiday with an electric boat in Friesland that starts at the Weerribben-Wieden.


Welcome on board your electric charter boat from Natural Yachts, your watersport holiday can truly begin! After checking in, you can cruise to the charming town of Blokzijl. Blokzijl used to be called the Pearl of the Zuiderzee, the gorgeous merchant houses dating back to the 17th century show its rich history.


From our harbour to Blokzijl is about 60 min of boating.

Enjoy the diverse and beautiful nature as you navigate from Blokzijl to Ossenzijl. Ossenzijl is located on the north side of the Weerribben-wieden nature reserve, and via the Ossenzijler Bridge you will quickly cruise towards the Frisian lakes!


From Blokzijl to Ossenzijl is about 2 hours of boating.

From Ossenzijl, you will boat via the Tjeukemeer and the Grote Brekken towards picturesque Lemmer in South-West Friesland. You can look for a berth at Jachthaven Lemmer Binnen. Lemmer is one of Friesland's most well-known water sports villages because it is situated on both the IJsselmeer and the Frisian lakes!


The old fishing village has a lot to offer. Discover the vibrant centre of Lemmer with its many restaurants, shops, and pleasant terraces, and walk to the beach that has a beautiful view over the IJsselmeer. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Woudagemaal is the largest working steam pumping station in the world.


From Ossenzijl to Jachthaven Lemmer Binnen is about 3 hours and 30 min of boating.

From Lemmer, you set course for the fortified town of Sloten, which is definitely a worthwhile place to moor and take a stroll through the historic city centre.


Via the Slotermeer, you navigate to the welcoming water sports village of Woudsend and via the Heegermeer lake you arrive in Workum. From the Workumer Trekvaart, you will pass the Algeraburren bridge and then reach the Doltewâl, where you will find a special mooring for electric boats. Workum is one of the smaller Frisian cities, and is known for the Jopie Huisman museum, its multiple churches, and several windmills.


From Lemmer via Sloten and Woudsend to Workum is about 3 hours and 45 min of boating.

On to the Elfsteden heart of Friesland, Bolsward! Have a look at the exceptionally gorgeous town hall and discover the many sights such as the Broerekerk and the bat fountain.


From Bolsward, cruise to the lively water sports capital Sneek. A convenient mooring in Sneek is at Havenkantoor Sneek, from where you can reach the city in seconds and you can easily moor the boat. Sneek has much to offer, through the beautiful canals you can walk to the always buzzing city centre with its many terraces and of course the historic Waterpoort.


From Workum, via Bolsward to Sneek is about 3 hours of boating.

From Sneek, you will boat via the Langweerder Wielen (stay well in the fairway) and the Tjeukemeer to Echtenerbrug. Delfstrahuizen and Echtenerbrug are a twin village, in the centre there are cosy terraces with lovely views on the Tjeukemeer lake.


From Sneek to Echtenerbrug is about 3 hours of boating.

Boat from Echtenerbrug via Kalenberg and Blokzijl to historic Vollenhove. Kalenberg is a small village located in the heart of National Park Weerribben-Wieden. After peat extraction, the inhabitants of Kalenberg turned to reed farming, fishing and cattle breeding. The reeds from Kalenberg are still used to cover roofs and windmills.


Vollenhove is a real fishing town, but also a town of "splendour" with more than 40 national monuments.


From Echtenerbrug to Vollenhove is about 4 hours and 15 min of boating.

Welcome back to the harbour of Natural Yachts - Hope to see you again soon!
From atmospheric Vollenhove, you will cruise to Natural Yachts' zero-emission harbour. We hope you look back on an unforgettable boating holiday in Friesland! We look forward to welcoming you on board one of our electric boats again!

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