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These are the 5 most beautiful boating routes in the Netherlands - check out the tours here!

The Netherlands is a water country par excellence and is perfect for all kinds of recreation on the water. Explore the lakes and canals of the Netherlands with these 5 most beautiful boating routes. The boating routes are suitable for different types of boats such as luxury electric motor yachts, sailing boats or weekenders. Are you looking for a beautiful cruising route for a boating holiday in the Netherlands?

Team Natural Yachts has compiled the most beautiful boating routes for you. For each route, we give the average cruising time and tips about the villages and towns you pass. We hope these top 5 boating routes in the Netherlands will inspire you for a boating holiday with your family, friends or partner.

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Boating route 1: Friesland Friesland is known not only for the Elfstedentocht but also for the Frisian lake area and the picturesque villages and towns that can be visited by boat. In addition, Friesland has many beautiful moorings in nature. Do you like the alternation of nature and a city? Are you looking for the perfect combination of tranquillity and active enjoyment?

A boating holiday in Friesland offers you these possibilities. Discover the Friesland boating route! This route is suitable for one week of boating.

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Boating route 2: South-west Friesland There is so much to discover in Friesland, the Southwest Friesland boating route focuses on the municipality of Southwest Friesland, which is a very popular area in Friesland and includes 6 of the 11 Frisian Eleven Cities. The water-rich south-west of the Frisian province with the IJsselmeer nearby is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

In the Gaasterland area, you will find rolling countryside mixed with forests and cliffs that rise 10 metres above the IJsselmeer in some places, which is unique in the Netherlands. Tip: rent a folding bike with your boat and explore these places further by bike. Do you think boating in South-West Friesland is a unique experience? Check out the South West Friesland boating route.

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Boating route 3: Weerribben-Wieden and Giethoorn In the upper part of Overijssel, close to Friesland, lies the national park Weerribben-Wieden. The Weerribben-wieden and Giethoorn boating route takes you by boat through the National Park Weerribben-Wieden. This is the largest continuous low moorland swamp area in north-western Europe.

This water-rich environment and beautiful nature make this the place for a scenic boat trip. During your cruise through this special nature reserve, you can enjoy flowery hay meadows, mysterious-looking marsh forests and waving reed beds. The boating route takes you further to Giethoorn, where you can enjoy the idyllic town centre and cosy waterside cafés.

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Boating route 4: IJsselmeer and Randmeren The Randmeren form the connection between the Gooi-Vechtstreek and the Veluwe with Flevoland. The combination of hospitality, nature, space, tranquillity and entertainment for young and old with the beautiful water area as a connecting factor is what makes the Randmeren unique.

Not only on the water but also along the lakeside there is much to discover such as the Dutch fishing history and the cosiness of restaurants and cafés. The IJsselmeer and Randmeren route takes you on a journey along the picturesque villages, the rich history of the Hanseatic cities, the cultural heritage of the Zuiderzee and the endless space on the IJsselmeer.

X Shore - tender te huur in Nederland

Boating route 5: Amsterdam Zuiderzee - sailing trip for 2 weeks Have you chartered a boat for 2 weeks? Then check out the Amsterdam Zuiderzee route. This route takes you through cosy and historical towns and offers the variety of the "Gooi region", fishing villages, harbour towns, beautiful Hanseatic cities and of course the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

The Zuiderzee was an important part of trade for the Netherlands, port towns like Kampen, Stavoren, Elburg and Harderwijk participated in the Baltic Sea trade in the Middle Ages. Cities on the western side of the Zuiderzee, such as Amsterdam, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, and Medemblik became increasingly important during the colonial era.

The Zuiderzee also played an important role in the 17th century; for the VOC's rapidly growing trade, shipping on the Zuiderzee was essential. In addition, before the closure, the Zuiderzee was an important source of income for fishermen.

Experience the history of the former Zuiderzee coast and cruise the Amsterdam Zuiderzee route.

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Looking for a modern charter boat for a unique boating holiday? Check out Natural Yachts' all-electric charter fleet of various motor and sailing yachts.

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