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Boating routes

Do you enjoy relaxation, adventure and beautiful nature? Then a boating holiday or a sailing trip in the water-rich country of the Netherlands is just perfect for you!

Our electric charter yachts are located in the natural surroundings of Vollenhove, Blokzijl and Giethoorn. From our harbour, you can easily cruise to the IJsselmeer, the Randmeren and the Frisian lakes. Enjoy peace and relaxation on the water and go on an adventure in nature. Cast off!  


Boat rental Natural Yachts has compiled the most beautiful boating routes and sailing trips for you. You may have to adjust your boating trip according to the weather conditions!


Our tips for planning your tour:

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Boating Route

You can be in Friesland in just 2 hours and 45 minutes by boat. During your cruise to the Frisian lakes, you will pass through the National Park Weerribben-Wieden where you can fully enjoy nature.

  • 175 km of boating

  • suitable for a 1-week tour


The IJsselmeer and Randmeren boating route

The IJsselmeer and Randmeren boating route is a diverse route where you will discover many different lakes such as Ketelmeer, IJsselmeer, Markermeer, IJmeer, Gooimeer and the Randmeren.

  • 200 km of boating

  • suitable for a 1-week tour

lemmer foto 2.jpeg

South-west Friesland boating route

This route is dedicated to South-West Friesland. It includes a cruise to fortified town Sloten, Workum, Hanseatic town Bolsward and vribant Sneek, which are all part of the famous Eleven Frisian cities.

  • 160 km of boating

  • suitable for a 1-week tour


Amsterdam Zuiderzee boating route

You set course for the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam! Our harbour is located centrally in the Netherlands, an ideal starting point for a boating holiday to Amsterdam and the beautiful Zuiderzee towns.

  • 254 km of boating

  • suitable for a 2-weeks tour


Weerribben-Wieden and Giethoorn boating route

Enjoy ultimate tranquillity as you navigate through the varied landscape of reed beds, marsh forests, open water and hay meadows.

  • 110 km of boating

  • suitable for a midweek, XL-weekend or 1 week of boating

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