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First look: Maxus 34 Electric – new Northman flagship

The new Maxus 34 Electric sailing yacht is the latest model of the line Maxus Sailing Yachts from the Northman Shipyard. A spacious interior, abundant light inside, two steering wheels, intriguing modern hull lines, and a tidy and clear deck layout, are the first elements that capture your attention.

The Northman Shipyard has been building over 33 feet sailing yachts since 2007. The first sailing boat with this hull length, the Maxus 33, was built in 2007. Since then they have continued to develop this model and in 2011 the Maxus 33.1 RS hit the market and received many awards. After 15 years after the first introduction of the 33 feet model, the Northman Shipyard is now introducing a complete new model with a design that is different compared to their previous models, the Maxus 34 a real novelty in its market segment.

The Maxus 34 Electric is in cooperation with Electric Ship Facilities, the sister company of Natural Yachts, equipped with a 100% electric drive train and energy system.

Maxus 34 Electric

Sportive sailing for inland- and coastal waters The Maxus 34 Electric is designed for all inland and bay waters. This sailing yacht is equipped with a swingkeel which makes this yacht suitable for a varied boating area. With the keel out the 1,75 m draft of the Maxus 34 is perfect for deeper waters and lakes. When the keel is up it is also possible to dry out on the Waddensea. Due to its swing keel the Maxus 34 Electric is a multipurpose yacht.

With the modern hull shape the Maxus 34 Electric cuts smoothly through the water and promises enormous speed potential.

Exterior highlights

  • The modern hull shape is characterized by a cut-off above the waterline.

  • The transom can be open (laminate) or fixed (stainless steel), you can choose your preference.

  • The two steering wheels and the stern railing with backrest makes sure the captain can find a comfortable and safe position.

  • Top class HARKEN on board equipment.

  • You will immediately notice the tidy and clear deck layout. This is particularly thanks to the rope guidance integrated into the deck and out of sight.

  • Smart solution to store the wash board on the slide board.

  • Wide gangways.

  • System to lower the mast without the need to detach the boom.

The Maxus 34 Electric is finished with high quality materials, cost-free choice of finishing materials from three available colour pallets. The interior has a clean and minimalistic style. The design is well thought-through and follows the philosophy to provide an enormous feeling of spaciousness. This sailing yacht is available with a 2-cabin or 3-cabin layout.

3 cabin lay out Maxus 34 Electric

Interior highlights

  • Lots of natural light due to panoramic roof and hull windows.

  • Spacious foldable saloon table.

  • Double doors to the master bedroom.

  • High quality bedroom matrasses with Silver Protect cover in all cabins.

  • Standing height of 1,99 m in the saloon and all cabins.

Interior Maxus 34 Electric

Maxus 34 Electric specifications:

  • Length: 9,95 m

  • Width: 3,40 m

  • Draft: 0,47 / 1,75 m

  • Weight: 6000 kg

  • Cabin height: 1,99 m

  • Berths: 6+2

  • CE-category: C

The first Maxus 34 Electric is expected to be launched in the Netherlands in March 2023. You can already plan your visit to be the first to have a ‘feel and touch’ with this modern sailing yacht. Have a look at our Experience center.

Would you like to receive more information about the Maxus 34 Electric? Request the specifications at Natural Yachts.


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