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X Shore crafts


X Shore 1 - open

In short:

  • 6,50 L x 2,20 W meters 

  • 0,65 m draft

  • 100% electric  

  • with front cabin up to 4 persons 

From € 109.000 excl. VAT & transport

X Shore 1 - top

In short:

  • 6,50 L x 2,20 W meters

  • 0,65 m draft

  • 100% electric

  • with front cabin up to 4 persons

From € 119.000 excl. VAT & transport
Eelex 14.jpeg

Eelex 8000

In short:

  • 8 L x 2,50 W meters

  • 0,80 m draft

  • 100% electric

  • max speed up to 65 km/h

From € 249.000 excl. VAT & transport

X Shore crafts blogs


X Shore & Natural Yachts at Boot Düsseldorf 2023

From 21–29 January 2023 X Shore will be present at Boot Düsseldorf, the world’s leading boat show for maritime passions. Learn all about the high-performance Eelex 8000 and the new X Shore 1. Meet the Natural Yachts team in the first weekend on 21 and 22 January of the trade fair.

The full electric boats of X Shore are equipped with state of the art technology and are built for high performance.


X Shore releases new model: the X Shore 1 – a 6,5 meter electric day cruiser

The Swedish all-electric boating company has released the X Shore 1, a new and 100% electric ‘affordable’ performance boat! X Shore claims that the goal of this new boat is to help accelerate the energy transition of the boating industry to electric power.

Company boss Jenny Keisu said: “The X Shore 1 enters the market at a remarkably low price point, as we must make electric boating competitive with fossil-fuel boats to speed up the transition. Just as importantly, by launching the X Shore 1, X Shore is hoping to encourage a new generation of boat owners, and show them that electric boating is not just the future, but the present.”


Fast and electric boating with the Eelex 8000 | Sit back and enjoy the ride

Enjoy speed, silence and performance; meet the 100% electric and fast Eelex 8000 from X Shore! This electric tender was designed with a focus on a clean and innovative future and is built in Sweden. The Eelex 8000 is built to a high standard of quality and offers optimal functionality, safety and flexibility on board.

The transition from fossil fuels to electric powered has begun. Be future-minded and enjoy 100% electric cruising and 0% emissions. The all-electric drivetrain of the Eelex 8000 is quiet and powerful. The 100% electric tender has low-maintenance and most updates and maintenance can be done remotely through the internet connection of the Eelex 8000.


Customize your boating experience on the Eelex 8000 by these 4 modular design ideas

Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle with activities like diving, kayaking, or water skiing or you prefer a more laid back experience like fishing, sunbathing, or dinner with friends, the modular deck design of the Eelex 8000 will cater to your needs.

The design of the Eelex 8000 from X Shore is user-centered and provides the most versatile boating platform to meet every need you may have, as it features a modular interior that allows for fast and easy changes. The modular system of the Eelex 8000 can offer more than 15 different layouts, in this way you can add your personal touch to the boat’s Scandinavian design. With a system of struts and rails it’s easy to secure different types of loads and add or move seats around.

X Shore crafts

The high performance boats from X Shore with a Scandinavian and minimalistic design are built to enjoy recreational and sportive activities in a sustainable way. The X Shore crafts are equipped with first class technology and stand for a modern lifestyle on the water.

Through smart technology it is possible to interact with the X Shore boat. Via the X Shore app or Garmin watch the owner can receive updates like state of charge and location.

The materials used for the X Shore crafts are carefully selected for optimal performance, functionality and sustainability. In combination with the 100% electric propulsion system, the X Shore boats have a minimal carbon footprint.

Enjoy the comfort of zero emission boating while protecting mother nature. Join us in what we believe is the future of boating – a clean, silent, fume free experience to explore some of the most beautiful places nature has to offer.

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