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In our experience center in Heeg you can visit and meet; The Northman 1200 (diesel), the Nexus Revo 870 Convertible Electric, and the Maxus Evo 24. Please contact us to plan your visit.

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We are a Dutch family-owned company with over ten years of experience in electric propulsion and marine energy systems. Natural Yachts offers a line of zero-emission Fuel Cell powered Northman yachts. 


At the Northman Shipyard the yachts are produced. The shipyard grew from a small family-owned company to a shipyard with a production from over 100 yachts per year. A company that produces high quality and well-designed yachts, very suitable for state-of-the-art techniques. 

Scheepsmotoren Heech is a family-owned company and for already many years our partner, Scheepsmotoren Heech is specialized in providing technical support and service. 


With this combination of specializations, we can deliver the best. Making your boating experience comfortable and ready for the future! 

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We believe everyone deserves a relaxing getaway to spend quality time with family and friends. As we are excited about water sports, hospitality, and maritime innovations to create a better world we are thrilled to share our passion with you. Step aboard on one of our comfortable yachts, it’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the freedom of sailing.


We look forward to welcoming you for a carefree sailing experience.

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