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What to do in Friesland: the best tips and places for sightseeing

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Welcome in Friesland! Let this blog inspire and excite you, we will give you the best tips for a wonderful holiday in the north of the Netherlands! There is much to do and see, Friesland is rich in cultural heritage, picturesque towns and outstretched Frisian lakes.

Een vaarvakantie in Sneek

Yacht Charter

Friesland is known as a fantastic water sports area. It will not surprise you but the best way to discover and experience Friesland is from the water. Relax on a comfortable motor yacht or would you rather explore the Frisian lakes and towns by sailboat? It is all possible.

Charter a yacht for 6 persons: The Northman 1200 is a luxury yacht suitable for 6 persons. Relax on the sun deck, the sofa on the aft deck and enjoy the luxurious bedrooms (3x) and bathrooms (2x) on board of the Northman 1200.

Charter a motorboat for 4 persons: The Nexus Revo 870 Electric is a modern boat for 4 persons. The boat is 100% electric, you can boat very comfortably and peacefully for 6-12 hours. All harbours, towns and villages where you can moor have shore power connections where you can recharge the Nexus Revo 870.

You can charter the above-mentioned boats at Natural Yachts in Heeg. Read here how our guests experienced a boating holiday.

Cultural and sightseeing locations in Friesland

Heeg - Friesland

Heeg is situated at the Heegermeer lake / Fluessen. This authentic water sports village is an ideal starting point for your holiday; it is very centrally located and has a cosy centre.


The town Sneek is located North of Heeg, which is one of the most famous towns in Friesland. Sneek has a pleasant city centre, where you can shop and sit on a terrace. The Waterpoort, a national monument dating from 1613, is an attraction you don't want to miss.

Sloten Friesland

Sloten is situated alongside the Slotenmeer lake and is an old fortified town. The windmills, cannons and the city walls show the history of the city. Take a stroll along the canals and discover the charming streets, buildings, restaurants and cafés.

Lemmer Friesland

Lemmer is a very popular place situated next to the Ijsselmeer lake. Besides the shops and restaurants, there is always plenty to look at as many boats moor in the historic and ambient centre. A sight worth seeing is the UNESCO World Heritage site Ir. D. F. Woudagemaal, which is the largest operative steam pumping station in the world.

Workum Friesland

Workum is also directly connected to the IJsselmeer. The city has many national monuments and museums, including the Jopie Huisman museum, where you can see the paintings of this famous painter.

Looking forward to a boating holiday? What makes chartering a boat so enjoyable? The main reason is that you have all the freedom to decide where you want to go. In addition you can make your holiday as active or relaxing as you like. Charter a boat that suits you and experience Friesland. Enjoy the beautiful views, sailing along the meadows and enjoy the magnificent sunrise and sunset from your own 'hotel on the water'.

To get a better idea of a boating holiday and the yachts that we, Natural Yachts, offer for charter, watch the video below! The Nexus Revo 870 Electric is a 100% electric boat, so you can even discover Friesland in a sustainable way!

Do you have a question about our charter yachts, electric boats or boating routes through Friesland? We are happy to help! You can call: +31(0)0515 227 017 or send an e-mail to


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