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Northman 1200 diesel

12,26 m | 3 cabins | 2 bathrooms | from € 240.350 (excl. VAT & Excl. Transport)

Gallery Northman 1200 Diesel

Enjoy comfortably
The Northman 1200 is a modern motor yacht with an elegant exterior. When you are on the water with family or friends, you want to enjoy to the fullest. The spacious sundeck lounge on the roof, the sofa with folding backrest on the aft deck and the sofa on the foredeck are lovely places to relax. Below deck, there are 3 comfortable cabins with spacious beds (longer than 2 metres) and 2 bathrooms equipped with shower, toilet and washbasin.

Luxurious saloon with a stylish and practical interior
The large windows give the motor yacht a modern look and guarantee a 360 degree view, which enables you to fully enjoy the outdoor life inside. The port side features an L-shaped sofa and a designer dining table. On starboard you will find the steering position and a modern kitchen. The Northman 1200 features a very practical sliding door, from the captain’s chair you can step straight on the gangway.


Cosy open cockpit
You can easily extend the living area to the outside by opening the bi-fold doors to the aft-deck. The Northman 1200 has a spacious cockpit where you can sit comfortably. The saloon of the Northman 1200 extends into the cockpit at the same level. The saloon roof offers protection in changing weather conditions and this area can also be closed with a cockpit tent. This luxury motor yacht is very suitable for a long boating season!


Excellent boating characteristics
The Northman 1200 has a modern and efficient hull design. In combination with a low water resistance of the underwater hull you will use less fuel. The proportional bow and stern thrusters make this yacht easy to sail and allow you to manoeuvre with precision. The Northman 1200 is CE-B certified. The motor yacht is 3.50 metres wide, 12 metres long and has a draught of only 0.70 metres. These are practical dimensions for cruising through villages and towns, but also suitable for coastal waters or for boating at sea.

General Information Northman 1200 Diesel

Floor maps 


Northman 1200 Motoryacht exterior

 This luxury yacht has a sundeck lounge on the roof, a bench on the foredeck, and a sofa with movable backrest. 


Northman 1200 Motoryacht Floorplan

The living area has a lot of natural light, a home-like kitchen, a dining table with a comfortable sitting area.

Below decks

 Northman 1200 Motoryacht Below decks

Below decks holds up 3 cabins for two persons, 2 bathrooms with each a toilet, sink, and shower.

General information


12,26 m


3,50 m


0,70 m 


7000 kg

Cabin height

1,98 m

Hull material


Air draft

3,20 m


7000 kg

Cruising speed

7,5 knots



interior information

Interior information Nortman 1200 Diesel



3 for two persons




2 (electric)


2 showers & 1 deck shower (hot & cold)






Refrigerator (electric) Freezer optional


Double sink with hot & cold water tap



Energy- & propulsion systems

Energy & propulsion systems Northman 1200 Diesel


The Northman 1200 is available with a traditional Diesel engine.You can choose from different capacities, standard this yacht comes with a Yanmar 57 HP Diesel engine with 4 cylinders. If you want a some more power you can choose for example for an engine of 80 HP. It is also possible to equip the Northman 1200 with a heavier engine and even with two engines if you wish.


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Northman 1200 Motor Yacht

Northman 1200 diesel

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