Northman maxus 22

7,23 m | 4 fixed berths | from € 26.120 (excl. VAT & excl. transport)


The Maxus 22 combines the sportive sailing characteristics of an open boat with the comfort of a cabin sailboat. This 2-4 persons, modern sailboat offers high performance due to its proven hull lines and is a fun cruiser with 4 fixed berths, a kitchen, comfortable sofa’s, a table, and a toilet. Next to this, you can discover a wide variety of sailing areas as this sailing boat is transportable on a trailer behind your car.

Sailing area
With a draft of 0.3 m when the swing keel is up or 1,25 m when down the Maxus 22 offers maximum flexibility. Due to its swing-keel it is possible to sail on the smaller and bigger inland waters and even coastal areas and the Wadden Sea are a possibility. The Maxus 22 is a sailing boat that can get up to speed quickly and provides easy handling from the cockpit. Next to the main sail and jib can the sailing plan of the Maxus 22 be extended with a spinnaker, gennaker, drifter, or Regatta Dracon sails.

Not only because of its swing keel you can discover a wide variety of sailing areas with the Maxus 22 but also because it is possible to transport this sailboat on a trailer behind your car. Ideal is the mast lowering system which allows you to lower the mast stable and easy in just a few minutes.  

Fun cruiser
If you are looking for a sailboat that is easy to sail, sporty and fun, the Maxus 22 is something for you. This sailing boat features 4 fixed berths, a kitchen, a toilet, and comfortable seating with sofa’s and a dining table. The Maxus 22 can optionally be equipped with a full sea railing, which provides extra safety and grip when sailing. The boat can accommodate 2-4 persons, ideal for fun cruising with family or friends.


The Maxus 22 can be equipped with an electric drive to enjoy the continuous sailing experience or with an outboard engine.


General information


7,23 m


2,48 m

Hull material


Cabin height

1,73 m

interior information


4 + 2


2 for two persons



1 deck shower (hot & cold) (optional)




Fridge & Freezer optional


With hot (optional) & cold water tap


LED (optional)


technical information

Swing keel (standard)

CE-category C

Draft (min/max)

0,30 / 1,25


1280 kg

Weight of the keels

45 kg

Inside ballast

250 kg

Sail area

23 m2

Spinnaker (optional)

32 m2

Gennaker (optional)

28 m2

Mast height

8,5 m

Fixed keel

CE-category C


1,34 m


1460 kg

Weight of the keels

350 kg

Inside ballast

70 kg

Sail area

26 m2

Spinnaker (optional)

32 m2

Gennaker (optional)

28 m2

Mast height

9 m

Energy- & propulsion systems


100% electric

Do you love to sail and enjoy the silence and tranquillity around you? With an electric drive for your sailboat, you can enjoy the continuous sailing experience. Depending on your sailing profile and sailing area, we assemble the electrical configuration, consisting of an electric engine and battery pack. Also, with this solution, you don't have to worry about losing space inside. Depending on your sailing wishes we make a suitable configuration.

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Do you sail relatively little on an engine or do you only use the engine to get in and out of the harbour? Then you can choose to drive your Maxus with an outboard engine. This is an economical solution for which the sailing yacht is very suitable. You will also not lose any interior space.


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Maxus22 sailing boat

Maxus 22

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